Programs: Microsoft Access:  Chapter 3, Lesson 2

Lesson 2

Report Wizard


To learn the simplest way to make a report, which is by using Report Wizard
  1. Report Wizard
  2. Modifying a Report
  3. Unbound Controls
  4. Bound Controls
  5. Calculated Controls


Objective # 1 Report Wizard

  • This is the simplest tool used to make a report.
  • The report wizard start up screen is shown to the left.
  • Once the report wizard is started, the wizard will take the student through the process of making the report.
Objective # 2 Modifying a Report
  • A student may modify the report once report wizard is finished taking the student through the report making process.
  • The Student should click on the second circle option, shown to the left, titled "Modify the report's Design" in order to modify the report.
Objective # 3 Unbound Control
  • Represented by a label
  • There is no underlying table that supplies this control with information
  • An example of this is a heading (shown left as Students).
Objective # 4 Bound Control
  • Could be a text box if the information in the box is from an underlying table and is capable of change.
  • An example of this is a student number (shown left).
Objective # 5 Calculated Control


  • Performed when two or more fields are combined to create another field.

  • An example of this is computing a student's GPA from their points and credits (shown left 155/64=2.421875).



Lesson Review

You learned how to....
  • Use more of  Report Wizard.
  • Modify a Report.
  • Use the 3 different controls.



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Programs: Microsoft Access:  Chapter 3, Lesson 2