Programs: Microsoft Access: Chapter 3, Lesson  1

Lesson 1 



-To understand what a report is
  1. What is a Report?
  2. Types of Reports
  3. Sections of a Report

-To understand the tools you need to make a report

Objective # 1 What is a Report?

"A report is a document that displays information from a database"

Microsoft Office 200 Professional, By Robert T. Grauer and Maryann Barber, Microsoft Access, Chapter 3, pg 102

Objective # 2 Types of Reports




Tabular Report
  • More "to the point" than a Columnar Report
  • Only certain fields are shown and are displayed alphabetically


Columnar Report

  • This is the simplest report
  • There is one record on each page
  • The records may continue for multiple pages and they are ordered by numbers.
Objective # 3 Sections of a Report
Report Header
  • Shown at the beginning of a report.
  • Normally it is a title or some information describing the report.


Report Footer
  • A summation of what the report is about
  • Shown after the Detail Section
Page Header
  • Shows headings for each piece of information in the report
  • Shown above the Detail Section
Page Footer
  • Shown at the bottom of the page
  • Shows information such as:  page number, author, and date.
Detail Section
  • Reveals the data in the report
Group Header and Group Footer
  • These are only shown when reports are grouped (the report to the left is not grouped)
  • The Group Header is at the beginning
  • The Group Footer is at the end and contains a summation of the information preset in each group



Lesson Review

You learned....
  • What a Report is
  • What a Columnar Report is
  • What  a Tabular Report is
  • The sections of a report


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