Program: Microsoft Access:  Chapter 3

This chapter will enable you to use Microsoft Access to create tables, queries, and reports.  The skills you learn in this chapter will enhance your ability to organize and work with data.  You will be able to select specific information out of an entire set of data by striking just a few keys.   


By the end of this tutorial, you will:

  • Understand the different aspects of a report
  • Be able to make a report using Report Wizard
  • Be able to make a query 
  • Be able to group your data 
  • Be able to create a Crosstab Query
  • Be able to create an Action Query

These lessons and exercises will teach you how several aspects of Access




Lesson 1: 

Understanding what a report is and the tools needed to make a report.


Lesson 2: 

Using Report Wizard, the simplest way to make a report.

Report Wizard

Lesson 3:

Learning how to find out about selected information about your report by using Queries. 


Lesson 4:

Grouping Records in a report to organize data to be referenced at any given time.


Lesson 5:

Learning how to create Crosstab and Action Queries.  Learning the uses of the different types of Action Queries.

 Crosstab and Action




Exercise 1:

Creating a Table to use for exercise 2 and 3.

Table Exercise

Exercise 2:

Creating a Report using your table.

Report Exercise

Exercise 3:

Creating a Query using your table.

Query Exercise


Exercise 4:

Creating Queries for Exercise 4 - 8

Creating a Make-Table



Exercise 5:

Creating a Delete Table

Delete Table

Exercise 6:

Creating an Append Query

Append Query

Exercise 7:

Creating an Update Query

Update Query

Exercise 8:

Creating a Crosstab Query

Crosstab Query

20 Projects

20 Additional Practice Projects.

20 Projects

PowerPoint Presentation:

View the PowerPoint presentation for this chapter.

PowerPoint Presentation

Final Cumulative Exam

This exam tests you on the information taught on this web site.  Your percentage correct will give you an idea of how well you understood the material and how to use the aspects taught in Chapter 3. 


100 Hands on Exam Question

100 hands on exam questions.

100 Exam Questions

Instructor Resources

View the answers to the final exam.

Exam Answers

Answer Key

Answers to 100 hands on exam questions and 20 projects.

Answers to 20 Projects

Answers to 100 Exam Questions

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Program: Microsoft Access:  Chapter 3