Microsoft Access : Chapter 3 : Exercise 6

Exercise 6:  Creating and Running an Append Query


1.)  Click queries button in database and double-click create query in design view

2.)  The table box should have 3 tables including the “New Student” Table

     Click on the “New Student” Table and click Add

      Close the Box

3.)  Double-click the asterisk from the New Students box in order to put it into design view

4.)  Click query type button drop down arrow on toolbar and select “Append Table Query”

5.)  Select to append the “StudentStat” table using drop down arrow box

     Click OK

6.)  Click the Run button, the exclamation point on the toolbar (!), in order for the append query to operate

     Click yes when told you are adding four rows

     Close and then Save query as “Append New Students”


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Microsoft Access : Chapter 3 : Exercise 6