Microsoft Access : Chapter 3 : Exercise 5

Exercise 5: Creating and Running a Delete Query

1.)  Click queries in database

      Next click on the “Archive Juniors and Seniors” query

     Copy the query to a clipboard using Edit Menu


2.)  Select Edit Menu again, click paste in order to display the Paste As box

     Type in the box “Maryland Juniors and Seniors”

     Click OK

3.)  Select the query you just made in design view

      Just as in the previous exercise, select the query drop down menu, but this time select delete query

4.)  Set a new control in the Criteria row and under the Credit column to be “<=120”

    Click the run button, which is an exclamation point on the toolbar (!), in order to execute the query

    Save the changes if the program offers to


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Microsoft Access : Chapter 3 : Exercise 5