Microsoft Access : Chapter 3 : Exercise 4

Exercise 4: Creating and Running a Make-Table Query

1.)  Open Microsoft Access

     Open File “Student Statistics” as shown in the diagram below, then click OK.

2.) Click the queries button in the database under objects

     Next click, create query in Design View


3.) Select the Student Stats from the Show Table Box

    Click the add button and then click the close button

    Maximize the query window


4.)  Click on last name through major on the student list at the top of the screen to add them to the design view

     Add the control “>=60” in the criteria row under credits

5.)  Click the arrow next to the query type icon on the toolbar and choose make-table query

     Name the query “Juniors and Seniors” and click OK


6.)  Click Run Button, which looks like an exclamation point (!), on the toolbar to run make-table            

     query, and click yes on the screen which pops up


      The query will remain in design view


      Close the make-table query and save as Archive Juniors and Seniors


7.)  Click tables button in database window

     Open the Juniors and Seniors table just created


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Microsoft Access : Chapter 3 : Exercise 4