Microsoft Access : Chapter 3 : Exercise 2 Creating a Report 

Exercise 2: Creating a Report  


Step 1


Open Microsoft Access


Click on “people,” which is under Open an existing file


Click OK

Step 2

Click on Reports (which is under Objects)


Double Click on Create Report in Design View


Click on New


Click on Report Wizard


Click on the down arrow and choose Students for the table the data comes from


Click OK

Step 3

Select all available fields, except Student ID.  This can be done by double clicking each field that you want


Click on Next

Step 4

Double Click on City for grouping levels


Click Next

Step 5

Click on the down arrow and choose Last Name in order from A-Z


Click Next

Step 6

The layout of your report should be Stepped


The Orientation should be Portrait


Check off “Adjust the field width so that all fields fit on a page”


Click Next

Step 7

The style you want to choose is Corporate


Click Finish

Step 8

This is what your report should look like


Next click on View


Double Click on Design View

Step 9
While your Report is in Design View you are going to change your Report Header and Page Footer

First move your mouse over “Now,” which is located in the Page Footer.  Click your mouse and make sure that your mouse is represented by a hand.  Hold down the hand and drag “Now” into the Report Header


Click on right align, which is located on the formatting toolbar.  This will make the date be at the top right of your report

Step 10
Next click on Label which is located on your toolbar, represented by Aa

Type Made by:  your name where “Now” was in the page footer


Then click on align left on the formatting toolbar


Continue to Exercise 2 solution to compare your final Report with the correct answer....... 


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Microsoft Access : Chapter 3 : Exercise 2 Creating a Report