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Access Chapter 3 Exam 1


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Access Chapter 3 Exam 3


Access Chapter 3 Exam 4


Access Chapter 3 Exam 5


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Access Chapter 3 Exam 7


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Access Chapter 3 Exam 9






For the following exams 1-9, you will need the Access file that has been previously constructed called: FRIENDS.


Exam 1: Working with Reports.


  1. Open the report called ‘Friends.’
  2. Change the title of the Report to “Exam1 Friends”
  3. Change the page orientation to Landscape.
  4. Modify the field width of Social Security Number.
  5. Sort the Security Number Header in Ascending Order.
  6. Italicize all of the Column Headings.
  7. Change the selected fields to include all the available fields except gender.
  8. Change the detail section of the report to font size 10pt.
  9. Modify the report so that all the detail section fits in the page.
  10. Insert a clip art of a person at a desk in the report.
   11.  Save report as “Exam 1.”


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Exam 2--Working with Reports.


    12.  Open the report called ‘Friends’.

    13.  Change the report header to “Garamond” font.

    14.  Modify the column page headers font size to 12pt.

    15.  Sort the report by Age in ascending order.

    16.  Change the input mask to “accounting” for the “age” field.

    17.  Italicize the Column headings.

    18.  Insert the date into the page footer according to Day of Week, Month and Day, Year.

    19.  Align Right the Report Footer.

    20.  Change the Title to “Exam 2”

    21.  Save report as “Exam 2.”


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Exam 3--Working with Reports.


    22.  Open the report called ‘Friends’.

    23.  Modify the report so that the Last Name field appears as the first column of the report.

    24.  Sort the report in descending order according to last name.

    25.  Modify the report so that the selected fields are only First Name, Last Name, Gender, and Age.

    26.  Change the page header font size to pt 14 and detail font size to pt 12.

    27.  Change the style of the document to “Formal.”

    28.  Change the title of the report to "Basic Information."

    29.  Change it to a columnar layout.

    30.  Change the width of the ‘Last Name’ page header.

    31.  Insert the date into the bottom left hand corner of the page

    32.  In the bottom right hand corner, insert the page number.

    33.  In the page footer, put “Prepared By: (Your Name)."

    34.  Save your finished result as Exam 3.


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Exam 4


    35.  Open document “friends.”

    36.  Modify the query window design view.

    37.  Modify the query window datasheet view.

    38.  Modify the query window SQL view.

    39.  Use the design grid to show friends who are of the female gender.

    40.  Show only females in alphabetical order by first name.

    41.  Show only the females in alphabetical order by last name.

    42.  Use the design grid to show friends who are of the male gender.

    43.  Show only males in alphabetical order by first name.

    44.  Show the males in alphabetical order by last name.

    45.  View the Dynaset and save.


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Exam 5


    46.  Open document “friends."

    47.  Open a query in the design view, select the “friends” query to be modified and select the criteria of age 20.

    48.  Show the criteria to be male age 20.

    49.  Select the criteria to be age 22.

    50.  Select the criteria to be female age 19.

    51.  Select the criteria to be male born after 05/04/1980.

    52.  Select the criteria to be females born before 03/04/1984.

    53.  Select the criteria to be females age 19 or males born before 05/04/1982.

    54.  Select criteria to be students between ages 20 and 23.

    55.  Select criteria to be all other ages except age 19.

    56.  View and save the report. 


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Exam 6


    57.  Open document "friends."

    58.  Use a query and Show all males sorted by last name in ascending order.

    59.  Calculate the average age of all males.

    60.  Calculate the sum age of all males.

    61.  Calculate the minimum value age for all males.

    62.  Calculate the maximum value age for all males.

    63.  Calculate the number of records in the group.

    64.  Calculate the variance of all males.

    65.  Use the top values property to show only the 5 oldest males.

    66.  Now use the top values property to show the 5 youngest males.

    67.  View and save report.


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Exam 7--Working with Action Queries.


    68.  Open the document 'Friends.'

    69.  Open the “friends” query.

    70.  Copy the “friends” query.

    71.  Paste the “friends” query and display the paste as dialog box.

    72.  Create a title for the ‘friends’ query.

    73.  Open the new query in Design view.

    74.  Select an Update Query and modify it.

    75.  Change the Age Field so that there is a minimum age of 21.

    76.  Change the Gender Field to male in the “Update To” row.

    77.  Run/Create the new query.

    78.  Save the changes and close the query.


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Exam 8--Working with Action Queries.


    79.  Open the document 'Friends.'

    80.  Create a query in design view.

    81.  Open the “Friends” table and modify it so that the fields are selected to "show all."

    82.  Add the “Friends” table to the query.

    83.  Take all of the fields and put them into the design grid.

    84.  Change the age field to a minimum age of 21.

    85.  Select the make-table query.

    86.  Make a title for the new make-table query.

    87.  Run the make-table query.

    88.  Save the make-table query and close it.

    89.  View the query under tables.


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Exam 9--Working with Action Queries.


    90.  Open the document titled friends.

    91.  Order the table by social security number.

    92.  Order the table by age.

    93.  Organize the table by last name.

    94.  Create a mailing label with last name, first name.

    95.  Add to the label address, birth date, and social security number.

    96.  Create a report with last name, social security number, and address.

    97.  Group the list so it is organized by last name.

    98.  Take the report and place it in landscape.

    99.  Create a report grouped by age.

  100.  Create a report grouped by age, gender, and social security number.


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