Exercise 5:


       Create an Inventory Form

a.      Setup form to keep track of the following:

                                                              i.     Legal pads

                                                            ii.     Printing paper

                                                          iii.     Pens

                                                          iv.     Pencils

                                                            v.     Scotch Tape

                                                          vi.     Staples

                                                        vii.     Envelopes

b.     Be sure to make space for:

                                                              i.     Date of inventory check

                                                            ii.     Amount currently in stock

                                                          iii.     Amount in-stock as of last inventory check

                                                          iv.     Amount needed to order

                                                            v.     Cost of each item



**NOTE:  No information will be recorded on this form; you are just making the blank form. **



c.      Save the form you have created

d.     Create a command button on the form that will allow you to print that form, from that form.


When finished with all steps, print the completed form and then submit it to your instructor.


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