Exercise 4:


-    You have been asked to create a database for a college that is to track all of the departments in the college. You are to create the table mentioned without the benefit of the Table Wizard. The database should be entitled, “College Department,” and it should be stored in the Exploring Access folder.


a. Click the tables button in the Database window and double click the option to create a new table in Design view. To enter a few fields, click in the Field Name column and type the name of the field. Move to the Data Type column and choose the field type. The fields in your table should match those in Figure 2.1.


b. The Department is the primary key, which requires that the field begin with the letter D followed by 4 digits to indicate the store unit number.


c. Required fields include department name, faculty size, percent of faculty with PhD's, current number of students majoring in department, annual budget, phone, address, web address.


d. Set appropriate field sizes.


e. Print the table out and hand it in to your instructor.


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