Exercise 3:


-    Using the Table Wizard, create a Personal Addresses table using information of your friends and family.

          a.       Include the following:

                    1.       First Name

                    2.       Last Name

                    3.       Nickname

                    4.       Address

                    5.       City

                    6.       State or Province

                    7.       Postal Code

                    8.       E-Mail Address

                    9.       Work Phone Number

                    10.     Home Phone Number

                    11.     Birthdate


b.       Change field size of the First Name and Last Name fields to 30.


c.       Change field size of the Address, City, State or Province, and Postal Code fields to 10.


d.       Make the data in the State or Province field box capitalized.


e.       Change the data type of the Birthdate field to Date/Time.

            f.        Print the table out and hand it in to your instructor.

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