Microsoft Access : Chapter 1 : Overview

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Objective 1: Table Design


Table Wizard

The table wizard guides beginning users in a step by step process of setting up tables.

The table wizard offers an array of field names and tables to choose from.

Manually Setting Up a Table

The choice of a data type for a field defines the kind of value that can be inserted into a field.


Objective 2: Form Properties


View Properties of Individual Operations and Entire Report

Toggle sizes, select default view, etc.



Objective 3: Using Primary Keys







A Primary key uniquely defines individual records in a table.  It is marked by a key shape to the left of the name.

Objective 4: Using Different Views


Data Sheet View:

This is the standard view when observing tables, queries, forms, and reports.  Information can be manually edited in this view.


Design View:

Tables and forms are created using this view.  A ruler (seen to the left) is used to enable one to line up and justify boxes.  Also, the background base can be expanded.


Microsoft Access : Chapter 1 : Overview