Programs: Microsoft Access : Lesson #4

Lesson #4:  In this lesson we will learn:
  • the Specifics about Design View
  • the Specifics about Datasheet View/ Form View
  • About the Ways in Which Properties are Essential
  • About Ways used to Modify Specific Properties

Lesson #4-Views and Specific Properties


Objective 1: Specifics about Design View


(Form Design View above)


Table Design View:  Shows how to access the table design view.  The view itself allows one to manually input fields and the data types for those fields.  Also, one can modify the field size and other certain formats essential to creating a table.

Form Design View:  Shows how to access form design view.  Within the confines of this view, one is able to manipulate graphics and place numerous settings for a form.

Objective 2: Specifics about Datasheet View/Form View


(Form View Above)


Datasheet View: Observes how data can be viewed and modified within a table through this view.  Information can be updated via a form and will appear in datasheet view.

Form View: Printable version of a type of form or it is where information can be inputted (to be stored in a table). 

Objective 3: How Properties are Essential



Properties of any table, form, query, report, or specific object can be accessed at just about any time.  This lesson shows how to access PROPERTIES from tables, forms, and specific objects.  Also, one can learn how to change record sources, event procedures, and the format of various objects.

Objective 4: How to modify Particular Properties


An analysis of the various things one change within PROPERTIES (i.e. Event Procedure- performing an action on mouse click).  Explains the use of the other tabs that exist in the PROPERTIES window.

In this lesson we covered the design view, the datasheet view, and properties. You learned about the:
  • Specifics about Design View: one can manipulate graphics in this view
  • Specifics about Datasheet View/ Form View: data can be viewed and modified with this view
  • Ways in Which Properties are Essential: properties can be accessed at any time
  • Ways Used to Modify Specific Properties: many properties can be changed


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Programs: Microsoft Access : Lesson #4