Programs: Microsoft Access : Lesson #2

Lesson #2: In this lesson, we will learn:
  • About the Uses of a Table
  • How to use the Table Wizard
  • About Fields and Field Properties
  • How to set a Primary Key

Lesson #2 Functions of a Microsoft Access Table


Objective 1: Uses of a Table



Used for gathering information (best when used to stock pile large amounts of information)

Primary keys are used to pull out information from anywhere within the database itself

Organizes all information and in many ways

Easy to compare two or more different points or subjects


Objective 2: How to use the Table Wizard



The table wizard is a very convenient assistant that helps you to create your table or form

- The table  wizard is a step-by-step guide that allows you to choose from certain options rather than manually creating a table

Also included in the wizard are the functions of saving and naming the table, which allows the user to properly and easily complete these tasks


Objective 3: Fields and Field properties




- Field Name - The name of your field should represent the contents of what is incorporated with the field.  Examples include "Name" and "Final Grade." The name may not surpass 64 characters and it may also include spaces.

-The whole reason for a table is because of the fields that can exist with in it. 

- By specifying the data type of the field, one can combine various types of data to provide more options when making a table

- Properties can be viewed at any time

- They allow for modifications to be simplified if so need be

Objective 4: How to Set a Primary Key

- One or more fields whose value distinctively recognize every record in a table. It does not allow null values and will always have a distinct value. It is used to associate a table to other keys in other tables.

- You dont have to identify a primary key, but it would be a good idea to do so. If you don't want to set a primary key, you will be asked if you would like to create one when saving the table.

Example:  If you were to make a table with social security numbers;  You could  make the social security number field the primary key, meaning that for all the students that have a social security number and of their numbers. none of them have two numbers that are the same;  You may do as follows:

    • Select the social security number field and select the primary key button
      Primary Key
    • This will create your primary key. 



Lesson Review

In this lesson, you learned how to make tables in Microsoft Access.  You also learned about:
  •  The uses of a table: to gather information and then organize the table
  •  The Table Wizard, a helpful assistant that helps you make a table
  •  Field and Field Properties: Field Names and Types
  •  Setting a Primary Key: for social security numbers, for example

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Programs: Microsoft Access : Lesson #2