Microsoft Access : Chapter 2 : Instructor

Here is the Cumulative Exam covering material from Chapter 2.

Multiple choice (choose the BEST answer):

1)     In datasheet view, a table in MS Access is similar to the appearance of:

(a)   an Excel worksheet

(b)  Word Document

(c)   Excel Chart

2)     As opposed to rows and columns, a table is made up of records and:

(a)   Titles, respectively

(b)  Subjects, respectively

(c)   Fields, respectively

3)     You can select design view by:

(a)   Left-clicking design view from the main database view

(b)  Right clicking in datasheet view, and switch to design view

(c)   Creating a table in the wizard and choose to open design view

(d)  All of the above

4)     Previously created tables (once they are saved) are listed:

(a)   From Newest to Oldest

(b)  From Oldest to Newest

(c)   In Alphabetical Order

5)     By clicking on NEW when Tables from the left menu bar is selected:

(a)   The Table Wizard appears

(b)  You can choose a view or whether to import a table

(c)   A Sample table appears


True or False (If true, explain why; if false, correct the statement):

6)     Information in a table can be modified in design view and datasheet view.

7)     You cannot change the type of data for a field once that field has been created.

8)     The maximum field size of an inputted record is 250.

9)     In the table wizard, you are asked whether or not you would like to set a primary or secondary key.

10) In the form wizard, you can choose from 9 different styles, including datasheet and justified.

11) When in design view of a form, the upper left box will allow you to view Properties, where you can manipulate event procedures.

12) When choosing design view for a form, the ruler bars on the horizontal and vertical axes appear automatically.

13) Command buttons can only be inserted into a form by choosing the appropriate icon from the options toolbar.

14) Once created, the source of an object, text box, drop-down box, or list box cannot be modified.

15) If a drop-down or list box is created, the information or records are recalled from tables and queries.


      Fill in the Blank:

16) If you are unsure about what fields to place in a table, the _______________ can take you through a step by step process of making one.

17) In order to define an individual record in a table, one must designate the record by establishing a  _______________.

18) If a button is created on a form and has the ability to recall information from a table, it is said to have a _____________ control.

19) One can manually edit and modify information of a table in _________________ view.

20) If you want to create a specific operation, a ___________ can be used with most options under Properties.


Matching (choose the BEST answer):


21) ____Primary Key                A. Identifies the maximum number of characters for a


22) ____Date/Time field           B. Can be used to create specific objects, display data, 

                                                       and decorate a form.

23) ____Number field               C. Used for alignment and justification of text boxes,  

                                                       label boxes, etc.                                                     

24) ____Field Size                     D. Allows one to input numbers for year, month, and    


25) ____Detail                           E. Allows one to input numbers of any type


      26) ____Ruler                            F. Can be used to perform various operations from the

                                                             design view of a form.

27) ____Controls                       G. Signifies the area on a form where one can design

                                                        the form (hint: the grid)

28) ____Commands                   H. Uniquely defines an individual record in a table

                                                         and helps with maintaining identification of that    


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Microsoft Access : Chapter 2 : Instructor