Here are the answers to the cumulative exam.

Multiple choice:

1)     A

2)     C

3)     D

4)     C

5)     B


True or False:

6)     FALSE: Information can only be changed or modified in datasheet view.  Design view only allows one to setup the layout and fields of a table.

7)     FALSE: Once a field is created, you have the ability to modify the data type at any time by choosing design view of a table and adjusting the data type.

8)     FALSE: The maximum field size of an inputted record is 255.

9)     FALSE: The table wizard allows you to set the primary key, but a secondary key must be set manually through design view.

10)  FALSE:  The form wizard allows you to choose nine different styles, BUT datasheet and justified are two types of LAYOUTS, not styles.

11)  TRUE: Properties can also be viewed from datasheet view and from the main menu by right clicking somewhere on the table/form and dragging to properties or right-clicking on the specific table/form and dragging to properties, respectively.

12)  TRUE: The default design view of a form includes the ruler.  It can be turned off by left-clicking VIEW and then dragging to Ruler (repeat to turn on again)

13)  TRUE: A command button can be inserted by clicking on what appears to be a plain, gray box in the options toolbar.

14)  FALSE: The source of an object, text box, drop-down box, or list box can be modified at any time through Properties.

15)  TRUE: Drop-downs and lists recall information from tables and queries.  The information can be sorted in ascending, descending, or random order.


Fill in the Blank:

16)  Table Wizard

17)  Primary Key

18)  Bound

19)  Datasheet

20)  Builder (can also accept Input Mask)



21)  H

22)  D

23)  E

24)  A

25)  G

26)  C

27)  B

28)  F


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