Exercise 6:



You have been asked to create a table for job applicants. You are to do this without the benefit of the Table Wizard. The database should be entitled, “Claude's Roofing.”


a. Click the tables button in the database window and click the option to create a

new Table in the Design view.


b. Required fields include:

i. name

ii. years in roofing business

iii. prior employers

iv. desired wage

v. phone number

vi. home address.

vii. birthdate

viii. prior employer phone number

ix. reason for leaving 



c. Set appropriate sizes for all fields.


d. Enter in the following employees:

Deo Zoolander

5 years in roofing business

We Do Roofs, Inc –Prior Employer

We Do Roofs, Inc- 657-833-9439

Reason for Leaving—Desired Higher Salary

Desired wage: $12/hour

Phone Number: 657-857-3033

Home Address: 431 Googligoogle Ln., College Park, MD

Birthdate: 12-17-1976


Name: Jean Marie Mugatu

Years in Roofing Business: 3

Prior Employer: Roofs R Us

Prior Employer Phone: 343-329-2829

Reason for Leaving— Fell off roof, Injured Pelvis

Desired wage: $10/hr

Phone Number: 657-384-9999

Home Address: 471 GobbleBobble Rd.

Birthdate: 12-07-1977


Name: Zeo Mutombo

Years in Roofing Business: 5

Prior Employer: Ruffed Up Roofing

Prior Employer Phone: 333-757-6969

Reason for Leaving: Inconvenient Work Hours

Desired wage: $13/hr

Phone Number: 545-990-3333

Home Address: 326 EI Ln. Nellyville, USA

Birthdate: 6-17-1966







Enter in fields in the design view. Set name, home address, prior employer, prior employer address, reason for leaving as text.

Set birth date, home phone number, years of experience, and desired wage as number.


Enter in applicant data

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