Exercise 2:



Step #1: Create a table manually by clicking the Design View button.

Step #2: Click in the first field box and enter the field name you desire. In this case, type Student ID#. Next, left click in the corresponding data type field and choose Number. If you choose another data type, an error will most likely occur when entering information later on.

Step #3: Repeat Step #2 for the other fields, choosing the data type text for First Name and Last Name.

Step #4: Save the table as University Table and click yes to set the primary key as Student ID#.

Step #5: Exit Design View of the table and and double click University Table to go into datasheet view.

Step #6: Once in datasheet view, click in the appropriate cells and enter data. Save table when completed by clicking the Disk picture in the toolbar at the top. Go to File, Print, and click OK.

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