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§         Exam A

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§         Exam E

§         Exam F

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Exam A

Files Needed -  Acc2ExamDataA.mdb


            Imagine you are a collector of rare ninja fighting video games. You keep a database of all of the different characters in your games, their belt levels, their weapons, and their birthdates.  Open the database entitled “Acc2ExamDataA”


1)         Open the table entitled “Ninjas” (E)

2)         Make a new field entitled “Ninja Name” (E)

3)         Set the data type for “Ninja Name” as “Text”(E)

4)         Enter the following names in this order: (M)











5)         Sort the records by “Ninja Name” Alphabetically from A – Z (M)

6)         Set the Data Type for birthdate as “Date/time” (M)

7)         Add one more record (E)


Alenfixa is a triple black belt with a birthdate of 6/17/1432.  Her weapon is a Death Laser


8)         Re-sort the records by birthdate, earliest to latest (M)

9)         Make a report of the table entitled “Ninjas” (H)

10)       Change the style to “Corporate” (H)

11)       Go to Design View, and rearrange the headings and details so they are equidistant from one another (H)

12)       Print your report (E)

Solution File - Acc2ExamAnswersA.mdb

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Exam B

Files Needed - Acc2ExamDataB.mdb


Imagine you are planning to run a marathon.  You need to record the times you go jogging each day, as well as your calories burned. Open the database entitled “Acc2ExamDataB”.


1)       Open the table entitled “Daily Jogging”.  Enter the following numbers under “Time”: (E)








2)       Go into design view, and use the field builder wizard  (H)

3)       Under “Personal”, add the fields “Calories Burned” and “Workout Date”  (M)

4)       Enter Information in the following order:  (M)


                        Under Workout Date:








                        Under Calories Burned:








5)       Create a Report, sorting by date from latest to earliest  (H)

6)       Add an Option Group, indicating whether the runner felt good, average or bad.  On 1/1/03, you felt good, 1/2/03, you felt average, 1/3/03, you felt average, 1/4/03, you felt good, and 1/5/03, you felt bad.  (H)

7)       Call the Report “My marathon Training”  (E)

8)       Save and Print your report.  (E)



Solution File - Acc2ExamAnswersB.mdb


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Exam C

No files needed for this Exam


1)    Create a new database with a filename New Database 1 (E)


2)    Use Table Wizard to create the a new table (M)


3)    Create a mailing list using FirstName, LastName, Address, City, State, PostalCode, and PhoneNumber as the fields in the table (M)


4)    Rename the PostalCode field ZipCode (H)


5)    Specify the data types for each field as text, except for ZipCode specify that as number (H)


6)    Enter the information of 5 people you know or make up fictional information for 5 fictional people (M)


7)    Add an additional field called Occupation.  The data type for this field will be text (H)


8)    Give all the people in your mailing list occupations (E)


9)    Insert a row after FirstName called MiddleName.  Enter the middle names for your people (H)


10)    Save the completed mailing list (E)



Solution File - Acc2ExamAnswersC.mdb


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Exam D

Files Needed - Acc2ExamDataD.mdb


1)    Open the existing database called Acc2ExamDataD (M)


2)    Create a new form using this database (include all the fields as selected fields) (M)


3)    Set the form so that the layout is columnar (E)


4)    Specify a style for the form (E)


5)    Title the form High School Students (E)


6)    Create a new table in Design view.  Name the table SSN (M)


7)    Include FirstName, LastName, and SSN as the fields (M)


8)    Set the field size for FirstName and LastName to 20 (H)


9)    Set the field size for SSN to 15 (H)


10)    Set SSN as the primary key (E)



Solution File - Acc2ExamAnswersD.mdb


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Exam E

Files Needed - Acc2ExamDataE.mdb


1)    Open the database entitled 'Acc2ExamDataE.'  Change the Primary Key from Last Name, to First Name.  (E)

2)    Change the data type for Zip Code from Text to Number.   (M)

3)    Change the default value of the Zip Code to 99999.  (M)

4)    Make all fields “required.”  (E)

5)    Insert a row above Major.  Name is Graduation Date.  (E)

6)    Make the Data Type Number and make 2004 the Default Number. Type in 2004 for the existing entries.  (E)

7)    Add the following information into the next available row:  (E)

Charlie Roberts 

5938 East Street

Philadelphia, PA  29483



8)    Add a row below First Name. Name it Gender.  (E)

9)    Make the letters “M” or “F” be the only acceptable input for these fields.    (M)

10)    Make a Validation Text which states, “ONLY “M” or “F.”  (M)


(Save completed table to disk and give to your instructor)


Solution File - Acc2ExamAnswersE.mdb


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Exam F

Files Needed - Acc2ExamDataF.mdb


1)     Open the database entitled, 'Acc2ExamDataF.'  Change the data type for Grade from Text to Number.  (A)


2)     Add a Row above Grade.  Name it Registered.  (A)


    3)     Make it so that only “Yes” or “No” can be entered into this field.    (M)

    4)     Type in “Yes” for everyone except Sally Smith.  Type “No” for Sally Smith.  (E)

    5)     Open the database window.  (E)

    6)     Choose to create a new form under Wizard.  (E)

    7)     Make a Columnar form using all 5 data fields.  (H)

    8)     Choose Stone for the style.  (E)

    9)    Name Form “Honor Roll Students”   (E)   

    10)    Within the new form, change the last name of Gary Hartfield, from Hartfield to Jones.  (H)

(Save the completed table in the new form and give to you instructor)


Solution File - Acc2ExamAnswersF.mdb


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Exam G

File Needed - Acc2ExamDataG.mdb


You have 10 Family members in your high school.  You make database to have their name, age, town, and teacher well organized.  You need to make changes now.  Open Document A and continue with the instructions.



1)    Open Database: ‘Acc2ExamDataG’, then open the table titled Document A.  (E)


2)    Change the field name First Name to Name.  (E)


3)    It is a year after the student database was made.  Change all the ages to make the students one-year-older.  (M)


4)    Alphabetize the Name column.  (M)


5)    Caldwell and West Caldwell merged into one town.  It is now called Gooseneck.  Change all those who live in Caldwell and   West Caldwell to Gooseneck.  (M)


6)    The area code of Gooseneck is no longer -973-, it is –908-.  Change the phone numbers that need to be changed.  (E)


7)    Jon moved to California so you can erase his name from the table and his information.  (E)


8)    Joha switched to Ms. Loom’s class and Hillary transferred to Ms. Blum’s class.  Switch the records.  (E)


9)    Ms. Blum passed away so a new substitute teacher will continue for the year, her name is Ms. Green.  Change the records.  (E)


10)  Print copies and turn them into your professor of the finished product.  Remember to also save your work.  (E)



Solution File - Acc2ExamAnswersG.mdb


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Exam H

File Needed - Acc2ExamDataH.mdb

You are in charge of 10 special education kids.  They are having a pizza party in your class next Friday.  You create a table with the student’s names and topping choices to keep everything correct and organized.  You also need to hand in a report and form to the principal of the school in order to have the pizza paid for.



1)    Open Database: ‘Acc2ExamDataH’, then open the table titled Document  (E)



2)    Create Titles for each field as follows:  (E)


First Name

Last Name



Extra Cheese




3)    Enter the following people into the table.  (E)


Jon Feder

Beth Nigara

Harry Rogers

Jill Vital

Pio Pyo

Igor Rusio

Cid Papser

Afelia Balloe

JoJo Teng

Cebbul Patel


4)    Enter a Y for those who like each thing the toppings.  (E)


Pepperoni: Jon, Beth, Pio, Igor, Cid, Cebbul

Mushrooms: Beth, Igor, Cid, JoJo


5)    Enter an N for the things people do not want on their pizza.  (E)


Extra Cheese:     Jill, Cid

Peppers:          Jon, Harry, Jill, Afeila

Sausage:          Jill, Cid, JoJo, Cebbul


6)    Complete the rest of the table from the information already provided.  (M)


7)    Make a Report from the Pizza Choices Table.  (H)


8)    Make 1 Form with 10 separate records within it for each person.  (H)


9)    Create a primary key.  (M)


10)    Print your final products and turn them into your professor to be graded.  Remember to always save your work.  (E)


Solution File - Acc2ExamAnswersH.mdb


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Exam I

File Needed - Acc2ExamDataI.mdb



1)  Open the database named ‘Acc2ExamDataI.mdb’  (E)


2)  Create a new column in the Students Table that is for Middle Name.  It should go in between First Name and Last Name.  (E)


3)  For Ronny Smith, enter in James in the Middle Name column.  For Maura Whalen, enter in Helene in the Middle Name column.  (E)


4)  Change Jackie Winston’s email address to jackie.winston@yahoo.com  (E)


5)  Create a report entitled ‘Roster’ using the report wizard.  Include the fields First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Major, Email Address, SID.  Sort it by Last name and use the corporate style.  (H)


6)  Set up a query called Marketing Students.  Include fields for First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and SID.  Make the query view only students who are majoring in Marketing.  (H)


7)  Change the Major Field in the ‘Students’ table to MajorID.  (E)


8)  Change each persons major to the appropriate code listed in the ‘Majors’ table.  (M)


9)   Set up a relationship between the MajorID field in the ‘Students’ table and the MajorID field in the ‘Majors’ table.  (H)


10)  Create a Form using the form wizard that includes First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Major that will properly view the corresponding majors for each person.  (H)



Solution File - Acc2ExamAnswersI.mdb


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Exam J

File Needed - Acc2ExamDataJ.mdb


1)      Open up the database entitled 'Acc2ExamDataJ.mdb.'  Insert a new column after the column entitled 'Day' and name it 'Time.'  (E)


2)      Enter in the following times:   (E)


3:32 pm

6:12 pm

10:00 am

9:36 am

5:15 pm

12:03 pm

8:52 am

9:01 pm


3)      Create a query using the wizard to view just the days where one inch of snow was measured.    Call it '1 in'  (H)


4)      Create two more entries into the table that are the next two days.  (E)


5)      Enter in 0 inches of snow for the first and 1 inch of snow for the second.  2:00 pm for the first record and 3:12 pm for the second record.  (E)


6)      Create another query that views just the days that snow was measured from December.  Call it 'December Snowfall.'  (H)


7)     Change the amount of snow from December 30 to 1 inch (E)


8)     Create a report that uses all of the fields in the main table besides ID.  (H)


9)      Sort it by ascending inches of snow.  (M)


10)    Select the Tabular and Compact style and call the report 'Snowfall.'  Save your work and print out a copy of the report for your instructor.  (M)



Solution File - Acc2ExamAnswersJ.mdb


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