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Microsoft Access Chapter 1 Lesson One Exercise


Exercise 1:


  1. Open Microsoft Access.
  2. Start a new database.
  3. View it in Design View.
  4. View it in Database View.
  5. Save it as Trial1. 
  6. Exit Microsoft Access.


Exercise 2:


  1. Open Microsoft Access.
  2. Open Trial1.
  3. Click the maximize button so that the Trial1 table fills the Access window.
  4. Insert four column titles:  name, occupation, age, gender.
  5. Enter five people’s information into those columns.
  6. Print the Table.
    1. Pull down the File Menu.  Click Page Setup to display the Page Setup dialog box.
    2. Click the Page Tab.  Click the Landscape Options button.  Click ok to accept the settings and close the box.
    3. Click the Print button.
  7. Save changes.
  8. Exit MS Access.



Microsoft Access Chapter 1 Lesson Two Exercise


1.  The Books Database:



a) Open the Books database pictured above.

            How to do it? Start Access.  Select the College books database and click OK to open it.  Double-click the Books database to pull up the database shown above.



b) Use the replace command to change all occurrences of “Johnson” to “Johnston”

How to do it? In the edit menu scroll down and click replace.  In the find what text box, type “Johnson.”  In the replace with text box, type “Johnston.”  Make sure that you are looking in the Books table and not just a particular field.  Click replace all to finish the action. 


c) Delete the record for “Fundamentals of Psychology”

            How to do it?  Highlight the “Fundamentals of Psychology” record and press delete on the keyboard.  You will be alerted that you will not be able to undo this delete operation.  Click yes to continue with the action.



d) Create a report using the Report Wizard after making the changes in parts b and c.

            How to do it?  In the database view, click on the reports tab.  Click new report and select create report using wizard.  Add all the fields from the books table by clicking the double arrow button (>>). Click finish and you will have made a report in Microsoft Access.





Microsoft Access Chapter 1 Lesson 3 Exercise


1. Open the Book Database  




a)      1. Use the filter by selection command to select books that have Johnson as author.

How to do it? First click any cell that has Johnson under Author, then click filter by selection button.












b)      2. Use the filter by form command to select Johnson as author criteria in the drop down menu.

How to do it? First click the filter by form button then select Johnson as criteria from the drop down menu or click the “Or” tab.






















c)      3. Use the sort ascending command to sort the author alphabetically from a to z.

How to do it? First, click author, then click the sort ascending button.


















d)      4. Use the sort descending command to sort the author alphabetically from z to a.

How to do it? First, click author, then click the sort descending button.








e)      5. Use the remove filter button command to display the complete table.

How to do it? Just click the remove filter button







Microsoft Access Chapter 1 Lesson Four Exercise

1. Establish a relationship between the Topics database and the Books database for "Topic ID".

          How to do it? From this main screen, click on the tools menu, and click on "relationships".

From here, you can see the existing relationships.

To create a new relationship, we must first show the table. Right-click anywhere on the grey area.

Now, we can show a table.


Highlight the Topic table, and click again add.

Now you have all three tables shown. Double-click anywhere on the grey, and you should be in the edit relationships screen.


From here, click on "Create New..."

From here, fill out the left and right side of the Tables, and what entries to relate. On the left side table, select "Topic". Below that, select "Topic ID". On the right side, select "Books", and below that, select "Topic ID". After you are done, click on "Create".

Now, a relationship is drawn between the Topic database, and the Books database.


2. Implement the referential integrity tool to this relationship.

          How to do it? Double click on the line denoting the relationship between Topic and Books. Click the box called "Enforce referential integrity".



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