Programs: Microsoft Access: Multiple Choice


Access Multiple Choice


1.            Which sequence categorizes these terms from largest to smallest?

               a)            Table, database, record, field

               b)            Database, table, record, field

               c)            Database, table, field, record

d)                Field, record, table, database


2.            An Access database contains which of the following:

               a)            Queries and reports

               b)            Tables and forms

               c)            Macros and Modules

               d)            All of the above


3.            What does GIGO stand for?

               a)            Great I Got One

               b)            Good Input Goes Out

               c)            Garbage In, Garbage Out

d)                Global Indexing, Global Order


4.            In what view can you add, edit and delete records in a table?

               a)            The Datasheet view

               b)            The Design view

               c)            A and B

               d)            None of the above


5.            Which of these statements applying to the Open Database command is FALSE?

               a)            It opens the selected table from the Database window

               b)            It can be utilized from the File menu

               c)            It saves a database to memory

d)                It can be carried out by clicking the Open button on the Database toolbar


6.            A basic fact or data element such as the name of an employee is called a:

a)                table

b)                field

c)                database

d)                record


7.            A database consists of one or more:

a)                records

b)                fields

c)                tables

d)                windows


8.            A _______ provides a more efficient and attractive way to enter, display, and/or print

the data in a table.

a)                query

b)                report

c)                page

d)                form


9.            A table in access is displayed in which two (2) of the following views?

a)                plain view

b)                datasheet view

c)                design view

d)                rear view


10.          The current record is best described as the

a)                record you are working on

b)                record you already saved

c)                the pencil icon

d)                none of the above


11.          Which of the following is NOT a record selector symbol?

a)                triangle

b)                calculator

c)                pencil

d)                asterisk


12.          Which record selector symbol indicates that the record has been saved?

a)                triangle

b)                calculator

c)                pencil

d)                asterisk


13.          A flashing vertical bar that appears at the point where text is being entered is called the

a)                primary key

b)                current record

c)                module

d)                insertion point


14.          The command that enables you to locate a specific record by searching a table for a particular value is called the

a)                Replace command

b)                Search command

c)                Find command

d)                Match command


15.          Access is built to anticipate errors you might make and reject those errors before accepting the data.  This process is known as

a)                filtering

b)                sorting

c)                data validation

d)                reporting


16.          A________ displays a subset of records from a table according to specified criteria.

a)                filter

b)                sort

c)                form

d)                query


17.          A ________ lists a subset of records in a specific order such as alphabetically.

a)                filter

b)                sort

c)                form

d)                query


18.          The Remove Filter Button will

a)                let you choose multiple sets of criteria

b)                will sort fields in ascending order

c)                will sort fields in descending order

d)                will return you to the original complete table


19.          A _________ database creates one-to-many relationships between multiple tables.

a)                relational

b)                business

c)                personal

d)                multiple


20.          If you wanted to sort a field of last names from A-Z you would click the _________button.

a)                Filter by form

b)                Sort descending

c)                Sort ascending

d)                Filter by selection


21.          A(n) ________ appears next to the blank record at the end of every table.

a)                bullet

b)                asterisk

c)                arrow

d)                star


22.          A ________ presents the data in a table or query in attractive fashion on the printed page.

a)                table

b)                from

c)                report

d)                module


23.          What object is used to automate the performance of any repetitive task?

a)                page

b)                module

c)                form

d)                macro


24.          The database window is used to

a)                create tables

b)                edit tables

c)                view open tables

d)                display various objects in the database


25.          Which of the following is not displayed from the database window?

a)                record selector symbol

b)                form

c)                query

d)                report


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Programs: Microsoft Access: Multiple Choice