Programs: Microsoft Access 2000: Lesson 4

Lesson 2: In this section, you will be reintroduced to what a relational database is, why to use it, how to become comfortable with creating and using one, and the uses of the referential integrity tool.
By the end of this lesson you will:
  • Create relations between database tables.
  • Apply it to problems.
  • Set up referential integrity.
Creating a relation  


These are step by step instructions on how to establish relations between tables in a relational database.

Creating a relation  


Continued instructions. This menu is where you are able to dictate which tables to use, and what fields to draw the relation between. Make sure that the field heading is entered correctly, or else the relation is not going to be made correctly.

Referential Integrity  
These steps will allow you to set up the referential integrity tool. This is crucial for maintaining error free data entry. If  a data is entered incorrectly- if it is out of the range of the related items, then there will be an error message and you will not be able to save the entry. This will maintain the integrity of the relation, and thus, safeguard against any human typographical error.

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Programs: Microsoft Access 2000: Lesson 4