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NOTE: For student files go to the Student Exam FIlesfolder.

Section 1


  1. Locate the Exam1 database and open the table National University of Rwanda Students.

  2. Delete the Record for James Deveraux.

  3. Find Paul and replace it with Pablo.

  4. Change Joseph Wati’s GPA to 2.90.

  5. Add a new record to the table.  The information is as follows: 125-12-3652, Kigali, Rodney, 2.50.

  6. Change the title of the field GPA to Grade Point Average (make sure you increase the field size so that the title will fit).

  7. Delete the First Name field.

  8. Rename the Table Revised National University of Rwanda Students.

  9. Put the students in order based on their GPA, with the highest GPA at the top and the lowest at the bottom.

  10. Save the table (be sure to use the landscape option).

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Section 2

  1. Create a database, and entitle it My Classmates.mdb. 

  2. Launch Table Wizard.

  3. Select the Students sample Table.

  4. Select the fields StudentID, Last Name, First Name, and Major.

  5. Finish Table Wizard.

  6. Create a record for yourself.

  7. Create a record for your neighbor.

  8. Create three more records.

  9. Order student names by last name.

  10. Save results.


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Section 3

  1. Open Exam1.mdb database and locate the Book Inventory table.

  2. Sort book names according to title in alphabetical order.

  3. Enter in a new record for your class textbook (you may fabricate the ID number).

  4. Find the title "Accounting" and replace with "Principles of Accounting".

  5. Find "Biochemistry" and replace with "Introduction to Biochemistry".

  6. Find "Chemistry" and replace with "Principles of Chemistry".

  7. Find "World History" and replace with "The Seven Stages of Earth".

  8. Enter a new record for "Plant Biology" whose ID number is 39298 and list price is 5,892.00 Rwanda Francs.

  9. Re-sort the list of title by alphabetizing.

  10. Save the table to establish results.

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Section 4

  1. Open up the Exam1.mdb database and select the tables option.

  2. Use Table Wizard and select the sample table for Products.

  3. Incorporate the Product ID, Product Name, Product Description, and Unit Price fields.

  4. Allow the Wizard to set primary key for you. Name table Fruits and click Finish.

  5. Product 1 are bananas that is imported from the Caribbean. It's unit price is 3.28.

  6. Product 2 are apples from the US, which are red. Their unit price is 4.29.

  7. Product 3 are oranges from the US and are used for orange juice processing. Their unit price is 5.89.

  8. Product 4 are beans from Ethiopia. Their unit price is 2.89.

  9. Use Report Wizard to furnish results. Use standard settings.

  10. Save Report.

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Section 5

  1. Open up Exam1.mdb database and locate and select the National University of Rwanda Students table.

  2. Click on the Reports option and launch Report Wizard.

  3. In Tables/Queries, select the National University of Rwanda Students table.

  4. Include all the fields listed.

  5. Ascend the last name of students.

  6. Set the report to a landscape setting.

  7. Set the style of report to Corporate.

  8. Finish report. Close it.

  9. Go back to the table, add a record for yourself by entering data into the table, and go back to the National University of Rwanda Students Report.

  10. Print report.

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Section 6

  1. In Exam1.mdb launch Table Wizard.

  2. Select the Customers sample table.

  3. Select the first four sample fields.

  4. Instead of CompanyName, the field should read SchoolName.

  5. A suitable title name for the table should be Customers of Rwanda Market Exchange.

  6. Data must be entered manually into the table. The primary key should be automatically numbered.

  7. The first school involved in the Rwanda market is the School of Agronomy. The representative is Salvator Kabarungu.

  8. The second school involved is School of Journalism and Communication. The representative is Antoine Museminali.

  9. The third school is the School of Public Health and Nutrition. The representative is Munyanshongore Cyprien.

  10. The fourth school is School of Modern Languages. The representative is Ildephonse Kereni. Save results.

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Section 7

  1. Open Exam1.mdb and filter all the females from the Employees table then print results.

  2. Filter all the males found in the Employees table, sort them in alphabetical order and print results.  

  3. Filter by form for Males who make over 23,000. Print results for verification for instructor. 

  4. Go to File, Get External Data, Import, and select Exam1.mdb from the dialogue box and click Import. Under the tables tab select the Employees table then click OK. The information in the Employees table should be exported to Employees1 table. Open Employees1 table. 

  5. Add the field Performance to the Employee1 table.  Then enter the following information from top to bottom. Good, Good, Good, Good, Poor, Average, Poor, Average, Average, Poor. (Print) 

  6. In Employee1, filter and print out a table that has all the workers with poor performances. 

  7. In Employee1, filter out all the employees with good performances who make over 22,000 and print or report the results.  

  8. Make and print a report for the Employee1 table.

  9. Rename the table Employees to Original Employees. 

  10. Save the Employee1 table.

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Section 8

  1. Open the database entitled Exam2.mdb

  2. Go to Forms option and open Employees form. 

  3. Click new record button and enter a new employee with the following information:  222-22-2222, Malone, Moses, 13000, M.

  4. Enter a record for yourself.

  5. Enter a new record for Tony Ponsion, a woman who makes 23,000 francs a year and whose ID number is 123-89-9898.

  6. Go to Tables option and open the Employees table. 

  7. Delete the record for Moses Malone.

  8. Sort employees according to last name. 

  9. Save changes. 

  10. Print report.

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Section 9

  1. Open Exam2.mdb and open Favorite Foods table. Observe it.

  2. Click the Forms option.

  3. Launch Form Wizard.

  4. Incorporate all Fields for Favorite Foods table.

  5. The results must show in tabular form.

  6. The results mush have a SandStone style.

  7. The name of the form should be Favorite Foods Form.

  8. Sandy's favorite food is steamed rice. The item number is 8888 and the main ingredient is rice.

  9. Andre likes canned worms. The item number is 9999 and the main ingredient is worms.

  10. Save changes.


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Section 10

  1. Locate and open Employees table in the Exam2.mdb database.

  2. Close the table and make a new one with the following fields: ID Number, Last Name, Salary, Performance.

  3. Name the new table Employee Performance.

  4. Paste information from Employees table to Employee Performance Table for all employees.

  5. Sort last names in ascending order.

  6. Enter performance as follows: Good, Average, Good, Average, Poor, Poor, Excellent, Excellent, Average, Poor.

  7. Set relationships between Employees and Employee Performance, connecting Employee ID from Employees table to Employee Performance.

  8. Save Changes.

  9. Create report for Employee Performance table.

  10. Print results and hand disks with other exam answers to instructor.

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