Programs: Microsoft Access 2000

Microsoft Access 2000

Microsoft Access is one of the major applications in the Microsoft Office. It is used to create and manage a database so that the user can add, edit, and delete records, run reports and queries, filter records, and allows for the use of multiple tables. Many businesses use Access because it is a great database to store many different records and is very easy to use once you establish a basic knowledge of the program.

 Chapter 1 Objectives

         Become more familiar with the vocabulary used in Access.

         You will learn about both the Datasheet and Design View.

         You will learn the primary functions of MS Access.

         Be knowledgeable of the basics of forms, queries, and reports.

         Be able to make basic additions, edits, and deletions of records.

         Understand the concept of data validation.

         Have an understanding of filters and sorting.

         Be able to filter by selection or by form.

         Learn to sort ascending and descending.

         Learn what a relational database is.

         Learn when and why to use a relational database.

         Become comfortable with using and creating a relational database.

         Learn to use the referential integrity tool.


Chapter 1 Lessons and Resources





Lesson 1

Introduction to the basics of Microsoft Access


Lesson 2

Forms, Queries, Reports, and learning how to use the Find, Replace, Undo, and Delete Commands


Lesson 3

Learn how to apply Filters and Sorts


Lesson 4

Relational Databases and Referential Integrity 



Lesson Exercises

Practice the skills you have developed by doing these exercises each containing a step to step guide on how to do the exercise



This Project is designed to test your knowledge on all the aspects of Microsoft Access you have learned in the lessons

Final Project


Project 2

More Project Practice

20 Extra Projects


Here is a list of terms along with definitions from Chapter 1 for use as a personal resource



Think you've mastered Microsoft Access Chapter 1?  It's exam time!!!


Exam 2

Use this link to access 100 additional exam questions (yay!)



Some more practice to master Microsoft Access Chapter 1!

Multiple Choice Questions

Useful Websites

Supplementary links to websites associated with Microsoft Access that may further help to hone your skills with the program

Useful Websites

PowerPoint Presentation

A PowerPoint Presentation covering all of the Microsoft Access Chapter 1 objectives

PowerPoint Presentation

College Books List

One of the Microsoft Access examples to follow 

College Books List

Personal Database

Another Microsoft Access example to follow 

Personal Database

Instructor Resources

Instructor's material including answers to the exam, exam2, multiple choice questions, and the 20 additional projects

Exam Answers 


Exam2 answers


Multiple Choice Answers 


20 additional projects solutions

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Programs: Microsoft Access 2000