Project – Welcome to College

Part 1.

Creating a Database

You are a new college student at the National University of Rwanda.


Part of being a new college student entails meeting new people and adapting to the new surroundings.  Your job is to gather information about your classmates in order to better acquaint yourself with those around you.  Many people write down the names of their friends and colleagues in address books.  However, this process can often be tedious and the information may be hard to look up.  In this project, you will create a personal database that you can access with information about 20 of your colleagues.


Fields you will want to incorporate in your database should include, but is not limited to the following:


Student first name                                                         Phone number

Student last name                                                          E-mail address

Student’s college major                                     Course ID

Number of credits being taken                          Course Time

Course location                                                            Address on campus

Jobs on campus                                                            Extracurricular activities




1. Create a new folder on your desktop and name it “My Personal Database.”

            Right-click on the desktop

            Highlight New and select Folder

            Type in My Personal Database

            Press Enter


2. Start Microsoft Access and select a new blank database.  Save this database in the folder you created in step one with the name “PersonalDatabase.mdb” as shown below.



3. Create a table with the information you have gathered, the number of fields and records within each field may vary depending on how much data you have gathered.

Click the Tables tab in the database view window.  Select create table by entering data as shown below.  Type in the appropriate field names and enter the data you have collected into the records with each of the fields.  Use the figures shown below only as a guide, not to copy.






Part II.

Drawing Relations

Now, make a new table called “Course Load”. In this new table, enter the first field as “Credits Taken”, making sure that it corresponds directly to the field in the “PersonalDatabase” table. Now, number the columns from 1 to 20. The next column, enter the heading “Description”. Under that, describe what you think of the course load is like in terms of difficulty for the “Credits Taken” column number 1-10, and then 10-15, and then 15-20.

Now, draw a relation between the PersonalDatabase, and Course Load tables for the field “Credits Taken”.


Name who in your class is taking an easy course load.

Name who in your class is taking a hard course load.

Name who in your class is taking a medium coarse load.


Does this have anything to do with their majors?


Now, set up referential integrity for this relation.


What happens when someone takes 22 credits?


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