Dr. Robert J. Spear

Email: rspear@pgcc.edu

Website: http://academic.pgcc.edu/~bspear



SUMMARY: Dr. Spear has 41 years of computer experience, including 28 years as a college professor, 6 years as a corporate manager of computer and engineering projects, and 7 years as an MIS specialist at the Navy Department. Dr. Spear's strengths are in computer security management, information systems education, distance learning and instructional technology, systems engineering, database systems, systems analysis and design, and computer programming. His publications include computer programming textbooks, numerous textbook reviews and technical reports, and journal articles in education and distance learning.



Graduate Certificate in Computer Security Management, Capitol College, Maryland, 2007.

Doctor of Arts (in Community College Education, specializing in Information Systems), George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, 1993.

Master of Science (in Foreign Service), Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., 1970.

Bachelor of Arts (in Modern Languages), University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana, 1967.

Universitaet Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria, 1964-1965. Sophomore Year Abroad Program while attending the University of Notre Dame.



Prince George's Community College (PGCC), Largo, Maryland. 1981-2008. Professor, Computer Information Systems (1981-2008). Department Chair, Computer Information Systems Department (1991-1993). President of the Faculty Senate (1988-1990 and 1996-1999). Specialist/Consultant in Distance Learning Technologies.

University of Maryland University College. 2004-present. Current position: Adjunct Professor.

Graduate School, United States Department of Agriculture. 2004-present. Current position: Adjunct Professor.

University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business. 1984-2003. Lecturer, Department of Decision and Information Technologies. Consultant in distance learning to the Management Education in Poland Project and to the University of Maryland/National University of Rwanda Partnership Project.

African Virtual University, World Bank Headquarters, Washington, DC. 2003-2004. Taught C++ to students at four universities in Africa.

University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland (each summer from 1997 to 2006)

            Visiting Lecturer for the Executive MBA Program and for the Postgraduate Certificalte Program in Long Distance Learning.

George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, School of Information Technology. 1989-1993. Adjunct faculty, Department of Information and Software Systems Engineering.



Prince George’s Community College, Largo, Maryland. 2008-present. Director, CyberWatch Center (an NSF-funded computer security consortium of 28 colleges).

Dynamic Data Processing, Inc., Silver Spring, Maryland. 1980-1981. Vice President for Operations.

McLaughlin Research Corporation, Systems Engineering Division, Alexandria, Virginia. 1976-1980. Vice President and Division Director.

McLaughlin Enterprises Limited, Tehran, Iran. 1975-1976. Vice President and Technical Director, and Principle In-Country Legal Representative.

Department of the Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command. 1968-1975. Digital Computer Systems Administrator, Management Information Systems Specialist, Logisitcs Systems Analyst.



·          “Relate-Create-Donate: Computer Literacy for a Nation”, a USAID-funded partnership between Prince George’s Community College and the National University of Rwanda (2002-2004). Project Director.

·         University of Maryland/National University of Rwanda Partnership Project (2000-2004). Co-directed the computer science component of this project, and consulted also on the distance learning component. Taught courses and gave seminars in distance learning and in computer programming.

·         NetTel@Africa. This project partnered ten African universities to develop a Web-based masters degree in information and communications technoloigies (ICT) regulatory management. Included trips to the University of South Africa in Pretoria, South Africa; the University of Botswana in Gabaronne, Botswana; the University of Zambia in Lusaka, Zambia; and the University of Dar Es Salaam in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. (2003-2004). Served as a consultant in eLearning.

·         Kigali Institute of Science, Technology and Management (KIST) and the Kigali Institute of Education (KIE) (2000-2001). Consulted in distance learning.

·         Ethiopian Civil Service College and the International Council on Insect Physiology and Ecology, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (1999). Presented a one-week seminar in distance learning.

·         Distance learning initiative of the Computer Science Department of Vista University, Pretoria, South Africa (1998-2000)

·         Member of Maryland/Lodz, Poland Sister-State Program Executive Committee. 1996-present.

·         University of Maryland’s Management Education in Poland Project, a USAID-funded project between the Universities of Maryland and of Lodz, Poland (1995-2000). Assisted in the founding of the Polish-American Mangement Center. Responsible for the technology component: outfitting the computer lab, acquiring telecommunications equipment, hiring and training staff for the Long Distance Learning program. Developed and taught the MIS course for first year EMBAs.

·         Prince George’s Community College’s Distance Learning Institute for the Women’s University of the Phillipines (1994/95/97)

·         Tietgen Skolen Odense Business College in Odense, Denmark (1996-2003)

·         Hohenfoss Technical College, Hohenfoss, Norway (1996)



Presentation concerning the “Relate-Create-Donate: Computer Literacy for a Nation” project, at the MERLOT International Conference, Costa Mesa, California, August 2004. Presentation given with Dr. Mary Helen Spear, Prof. Gerard Rwagasana of the National University of Rwanda, and Prof. Marita Oosthuizen of the Central University of Technology for the Free State (South Africa).


Presentations concerning the “Relate-Create-Donate: Computer Literacy for a Nation” project, at the ALO Synergy in Development Conferences for 2004 and 2005, Washington, DC, August 2004 and 2005. Given jointly with Dr. Charles Ndagije, Mr. Evode Mukama, and Dr. Mary Helen Spear


Maryland Distance Learning Association – four years on the board (2000-2004), including one year as president.


NetTel@Africa Developers Workshop – one of the facilitators and consultants in eLearning, Pretoria, South Africa, September 2003.


“Computer Literacy Workshop”, part of the “Relate-Create-Donate: Computer Literacy for a Nation” project, given jointly with Dr. Charles Ndagije during three weeks at the National University of Rwanda, Butare, Rwanda, June-July 2003. Three-week workshop given again in May/June 2004.


“Introduction to MS Office (on CD)”. Presentation given jointly with Dr. Mary Helen Spear to the Maryland Distance Learning Association Annual Conference, Cumberland, Maryland, April 2003.


“Transfusion of Distance Learning from Maryland to Rwanda”. Presentation jointly given with Dr. Mary Helen Spear and Mr. Gerard Rwagasana to the Maryland Distance Learning Association Annual Conference, Columbia, Maryland, March 2002.


"Distance Learning Training Workshops." Seminars for faculty and administrators during two weeks in Rwanda during March 2000, given jointly with Dr. Mary Helen Spear.


"The Serf Platform and Internet Literacy Course." Faculty workshops at Vista University, Pretoria, South Africa, October 1999.

"Cross-Cultural Experiences on the Web" and "Standards of Good Practice for Web-based Courses." Workshops given at the Millenium Minds Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, September 1999.

"The Africa Connection: Distance Learning Initiatives." Given jointly with Dr. Mary Helen Spear to the Northeast Regional Council on Black-American Affairs, May 1999.

"International Conference on Distance Education, Computer Technology, and Telecommunications." One week seminar in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, given jointly with Dr. Mary Helen Spear and professors from Charles County Community College and Howard University Medical School, January 1999.

"Distance Learning Training Institute." One week seminar in Pretoria, South Africa, given jointly with Dr. Mary Helen Spear and Dr. Richard Siciliano, January 1999.

"Using a BBS for Collaborative, Cross-Cultural Learning." Ninth International Conference on College Teaching and Learning, Jacksonville, Florida, April 1998.

A series of workshops concerning distance learning, computer information systems education, and in-house development of distance learning courses and programs. Given jointly with Dr. Mary Helen Spear during two weeks at the University of Lodz, Poland, January 1996, June 1996, and June 1997. The presentations concerning distance learning were repeated for audiences at Tietgen Skolen Odense Business College, Odense, Denmark, in late January 1996, and at four colleges in Denmark and Norway in October 1996.

"Interactivity with a BBS: A Cross-Cultural Experiment." Spring Conference of the College of the Air, Ocean City, Maryland, May 1997.

"Beyond Imagination -- a Distance Learning Course in Computer Literacy." Fall Conference of the College of the Air, Hagerstown Junior College, Hagerstown, Maryland, October 1995.

Three presentations to participants in a Distance Education Seminar at Prince George’s Community College, summer, 1995. The participants were faculty and administrators from the Women’s University of the Phillipines and other Filipino colleges. My topics were "An Overview of Distance Education Technologies," "University of Maryland’s Management Education in Poland Project," and "Developing a Distance Education Course."

"A Distance Education Program for Poland" (joint presentation with Dr. Mary Helen Spear). University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland; and Lodz Voivoidship's School of Local Government and Public Administration, Lodz, Poland, March 1993.

Panel presenter at the National Teleconference on Distance Education, Maryland Public Television, February 1993.

"The Cutting Edge in Distance Education." International Television Association, Essex Community College, November 1992.

"Extending Our Horizons with Instructional Technology: A Consortial Approach." National Council on Community Services and Continuing Education, October 1992.

"ITV: High-Tech Teaching." Annual Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Community College Teaching, Howard Community College, January 1992.

"2WITV: 2 Way Interactive Television." Maryland College of the Air Conference, Annapolis, Maryland, November 1991; Guilford Technical Community College, May 1992; Prince George's Community College, November 1992.

"Will ITV Be Good For You?" Maryland Deans and Directors of Continuing Education, Annapolis, Maryland, May 1991.



Spear, Bob (2004). Advanced Computer Programming in Visual Basic .NET: A Case-Based Approach. Boston, Massachusetts: Course Technology.


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“Beyond Imagination” – Remake of an 8 part video series for a tele-web course in computer literacy. I was the writer and performer. Produced by Julian Gooding, PGCC Television (1999/2000).

“Beyond Imagination” – Original 8 part video series and 6 part audiotape series for a tele-course in computer literacy. I was the writer and performer. Produced by Linda Bruce, PGCC Television (1995/1996).

“Distance Learning Across the Ocean” – 7 part video series produced in Polish by Polish National Television. My wife and I facilitated and scripted (in English) the on-site filming in multiple locations throughout Maryland.


I have taught college courses and given seminars and workshops using almost every available distance learning technology, with the sole exception of live radio. I have taught live telecourses at George Mason University and African Virtual University. I have created and taught Web-based courses at Prince George’s Community College, University of Maryland University College, Vista University (South Africa), and University of Lodz (Poland). Before the advent of the World Wide Web as a teaching medium, I created and used pre-recorded courses on cable television (telecredit classes) for Prince George’s Community College, often supplemented by an asynchronous bulletin board system.