Study Guide: Productivity Skill - Spreadsheet



Productivity Skill: Spreadsheet (Excel)


        Terms: Workbook, worksheet, cell, active cell, formula bar, cell reference, scroll, zoom, and percent tools


        Name screen elements


        Use pull-down menu bar: File, Edit View Insert, Format, Tools, Data, Window, and Help


        Construct from the tool bar: Standard, Formulating, Drawing


        Identify and name box, status bar, active cell, formula bar, more buttons, vertical scrollbar horizontal scroll bar, help, and excel window


        Open spreadsheet application


        View a menu


        Save workbook


        Open and close a workbook


        Construct an image/graphic over two or more pages


        Insert an image/graphic


        Adjust the zoom view


        Spread an graphic or text over two or more pages


        Create page break from the view pull-down menu


        Rename a workbook


        Work with data, text, image a workbook


        Change color of a workbook


        Create text with the Word Art Toolbar or Drawing Text Box


        Check spelling in a worksheet


        Change column with to accommodate data, text, and image/graphic


        Launching the Excel program, New Worksheet


        Construct with options from the right-click mouse


        Open, save, and print an existing Excel file


        Formatting from Palette (Version of Excel 2001 and up)




        Creating a simple worksheet for graphing information


        Constructing with Border, Move, Reviewing, Picture, and Chart Toolbar


        Designing and constructing a book more than one workbook