Study Guide: Productivity Skill - Slide Show


+Practice each task for mastery           


Slides prints one slide per pages


Slide prints three slides per page


Note Pages print per page


Saving a slide show document


Use animation effects from toolbar


Use slide viewing toolbar


Use web toolbar


Use word art toolbar


Create a self-running word art presentation


Create a presentation with text boxes an clip art


Create a basic slide presentation with summary slide


Open and edit slide presentation


Create a slide show with clip art or chart or table


Edit the master slide and time the slide show


Create a template slide show


Save a slide show document as an HTML file


Insert scanned pictures into a presentation


Link presentations with Internet hyperlinks


Insert or link sounds from another source into a slide show presentation




Create a presentation from a blank presentation


Open an existing presentation


Use auto layout for slide selection


Insert a new slide


Apply a design template


Change slide layouts


Reordering slides


Hide slides


Create and edit a custom slide show


Enter Header and footer, date and time to the master slides


Use slide effects: action buttons, slide animation, animation preview, transitions


Adding Clip art, image, auto shapes, and word art


Adding backgrounds or color schemes


Work with text options for a slide show: Text Box, Font, Line Spacing, Spell Check