Creating pictographs with Excel

Ever realized that the expensive copy of Excel which costed you a couple hundred of dollars is capable of creating pictographs (graphs which use pictures to indicate values)? Here, I'm going to teach you how to do it...


(Note : This table is formatted by ©Edwin's Power Tools -- EPT 3D Format)

The above table shows the number of chickens each person has got. Firstly, draw a histogram of the above numbers using Excel's built-in Chart Wizard.

In step 2 of the Chart Wizard, choose "Column" charts.

In step 3 of the Chart Wizard, choose the chart type number 8. Click FINISH.

Next, insert a picture of a chicken. (You can use Copy & Paste, or Insert Picture command)

With the chicken picture selected, choose COPY from the Edit menu. Then, double-click the chart to activate it. Click on one of the bars in the chart to select a bar. (may take serveral trials)

With a bar selected, choose PASTE from the Edit menu to paste the chicken into the bar.

Double-click the bar with the chicken, and a dialogbox appears as the one shown below. Choose the "Stack and Scale to:" option button. Input a number (in this example, 5) of units/picture. Click OK.

Finally, paste the chicken picture into each bar by using the PASTE command...

Your pictogram is done!! In case your pictures look a bit skewed, resize the chart to restore their shapes. The finished chart is as show below :

Note that Excel is capable of displaying half chicken or any proportion of the chicken when necessary.

Download the chicken in this tuitorial :
(right-click and choose "save link as" to download the images!)

©1996, Edwin H.B. TAM All rights reserved

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