Summer Science Institute 2007  

Astronomy Support Materials

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Power Point Presentations

Reason for the Seasons   (.doc) hands-on activity using flashlight to explore direct and indirect rays and their relationship to the seasons Down to Basics basic astronomy definitions
Goldilocks...coming soon The Earth and Sun  presentation
on direct and indirect radiation, amount of daylight, and the seasons
What Makes a World Habitable?  (.doc) hands-on activity using habitability cards   Lunar Eclipses and Phases   presentation on lunar phases and eclipses
Link to Astrobiology Educator Guide
habitability materials used in SSI and much more... (large pdf document ~5 MB)


The Great Sun-Earth-Moon Line-Up (.doc)  hands-on activity on lunar phases and eclipses Cause and Effect Handout (.doc) handout with boxes containing causes and effects for Sun, Earth, and Moon alignments (adapted from PGCPS science text
How Do I Find that Star? (.doc) hands-on activity using a starchart     Basic Astronomy Terms (.doc)