CHM 1010

Problem Sets and Answers

Dr. Barbara A. Gage                               Prince George's Community College

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Measurement               Answers Atomic Properties           Answers
Measurement I            Answers Bonding                         Answers
Matter/Data              Answers Molecular Geometry       Answers
Chemical Formulas      Answers Polarity                        Answers
Chemical Reactions     Answers
Ionic Reactions            Answers 
Gases I                        Answers
Gases II                      Answers
Moles (No Reactions)  Answers Liquids and Solids         Answers
Moles I                     Answers Phase Changes               Answers
Moles II                   Answers Solutions                      Answers
Moles III                 Answers Acids and Bases              Answers
Mathematical Models   Answers Final Review                 Answers
Energy in Processes     Answers Last update  04/29/10