CHM 1010 Resources

Dr. Barbara A. Gage, Prince George's Community College       

This page contains various activities that may be part of the course this semester.  Some require the use of PowerPoint,  Chime, Stella or Microsoft Excel or Word.

  Power Point Presentations  
Introduction Mole II Bonding II (hybridization)
Measurement Energy Gases
Matter Atomic Structure I Intermolecular Forces
Atoms Atomic Structure II Liquids and Solids
Phase Changes
Nomenclature Periodic Trends
Periodic Trends Excelet(Excel)
Solutions I:  Characteristics
Solutions II:  Concentrations and Colligative Properties
Chemical Reactions Bonding Acids and Bases
Mole I Molecular Geometry
VSEPR (Chime)
Looking at Molecular Polarity
Element Project  Partial Sample Project Science Citation Information  
Atomic Properties (Excel)   When Lone Pairs Rule  

Updated 01/23/11