Chemistry Summer Science Institute 2009


These are in MS Word format.  The activities listed under each day are included in the day file.


Day 1

Day 6


Hot Rods/Cold Cubes

Day 2

Cool, Cool Water

What’s (the) Matter?

Things are Heating Up

What’s the Same/What’s Different? I

Hot and Cold – Big and Small

What’s the Same/What’s Different? II

Energetic Chemicals


Day 7

Are All Changes the Same?

Acidic and Basic Properties

Day 3

Identifying Household Chemicals as Acidic or Basic

What are the Types of Matter?

What Makes One Acid Stronger Than Another?

Separating Sand and Salt

What Happens When Acids and Bases Are Mixed?


Buffers – What Are They?

An Investigation of Chemical Reactions

Day 8

What Does Strong Heating Do to Mass

More Chemical Classes – Inorganic or Organic?

Day 4

Polymers – Getting Slimed and Wormed

Atoms:  How are They Put Together?

Molecular Models

Atoms:  How are They Arranged?

Day 9

What’s in a Flame?

Detergent Additives – Brighter Than White


Stomach Acid – Which Relief is Best?

Atoms:  Making a Model

To A Whiter Smile – An Analysis of Toothpaste

Day 5

Sunscreens – How Well Do They Work?

Liquids, Solids, and Gases I


Liquids, Solids, and Gases II


Breaking Into Solids. Liquids and Gases


Skimming the Surface


Discovering the Shape of Crystalline Solids


Aluminum Can Playtime


What Would Happen if there Was No Air?