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Spring 2005 Computer Literacy Online
Welcome Letter

Spring 2005

Dear Online Student,

Welcome to CIS 101, Reference # 9469, Computer Literacy, on the Web.  I hope you find this course interesting and use this as an opportunity to acquire another skill for your portfolio.  Because of the nature of this course, it is important that you respect and honor the views of your peers as you would have them do yours.  

Read this letter carefully.  This course runs from January 21st through May 15, 2005..

Important:  Due due an oversight, the Distance Learning office failed to schedule an on campus orientation and mail a notification letter to you.  As a result, there is NO on campus orientation on the 21st for this section.

You will, however, need to come to campus to purchase your textbook package.  If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to call me (301) 322-0771 or send me an email at

Course Materials

You will be able to access course materials beginning January 21st
The URL for this course is:
You will need a Username and Password to "Log In."

Use the 1st letter of your first name, 1st 3 letters of your last name and the 2 digit month and 2 digit date of your birthday, all in lower case letters.
For example, if your name were Jane Lawrence, and your birthday was January 16, then your user name would be:     jlaw0116

Password:   Your Social Security number (no spaces and no hyphens)
For example, if your social security number is 123-45-6789, then your initial

password is 123456789

You can change your password after you logon. Click on "Personal Information" in the Tools frame and then click on "Change Password."

E-Mail Policy

Please use the following guidelines when sending e-mail to me.

1.  In the subject area, enter Course Title (such as CIS101), state your first and last name (no nicknames), and clearly identify the subject of your email. Email not following this standard will be deleted without reading.

2. I will check my e-mail every business day (Monday through Friday).

Please send me an e-mail from the account that you will use for this course.  Send your
e-mail to

Have a great semester,

Barry Bugg

Chair and Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems
Prince George's Community College