Prepositions, WH-? words


    These words tell you when or where something is.  They are also used to make phrasal verbs.  I have a fountain in front of my house.  There is a piano in the living room.  I play the piano in the evening after dinner.  I usually play from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Then I clean up the kitchen and head off to the office, where I work on my reports.  I write until 10:00 and then I go to bed.

WH-? words

    These are question words.  Most of them are simple, but some of them need nouns, adjectives or adverbs to complete them.  Word order is important for a few of them.  For other examples, you should go to the Sentence Structure page.

Who wrote this paper?

Whom did you meet last night?

To whom did you give this present? (Who did you give this present to?)

Whose watch is that?

What did you give to your wife?

What time did you get home?  What color is your car?  What size is your engine? What shape is that coin.  What material is that dress?

What kind of car did you buy.  What kind of perfume do you like?

Where do you live?

When does the movie start?

Which car belongs to you?  Which do you prefer - dogs or cats?

Why do you sing in class?  Why are there bees in this room?

How is the weather in Benin in January?  How are you?  How is work?

How do you make corn bread?  How do you come here?  

How tall are you?  How quickly do you fall asleep?  How long is your foot?  How long does it take to fly to Argentina from here?  How old is your sister? How often do you play soccer? How cold does it get in January in Norway?

How much money do you spend every week?  How much is a new Ferrari?  How much time does it take you to drive to work?  How much do you work every week?  How many dolls does your sister have?  How many hours does it take you to drive to work?

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