This is what a paragraph looks like and how you write one.  The first line of a paragraph is indented about five spaces.  The rest of the sentences follow one another with only two spaces between them until the end of the paragraph.  The organization of a paragraph can be very simple, too.  There is a topic sentence, which tells readers what the paragraph will be about or what the most important idea of the paragraph is.  The topic sentence is usually the first sentence, but sometimes the topic sentence can be found in the middle or at the end of the paragraph.  The rest of the paragraph gives the reader details about the main idea.  These details can be examples, stories, data, and/or quotes.  These details are grouped together so that details about the same point are close together.  Usually, the last sentence is a conclusion (what you can learn from the things in the paragraph) or a summary of the main idea.  Sometimes the conclusion asks a new question or thinks about how the topic can relate to the next paragraph or challenges the reader to do something.  Now, do you think you can write a paragraph by yourself?


I.                   Introduction of main idea.

            A.                 What a paragraph looks like

            B.                  How you write one (organization)

II.                 Body – Details about the main points

            A.                 What a paragraph looks like

1.            Indent first line

2.            Sentences follow each other

            B.                  Organization

1.            Topic sentence

a.                   Purpose or topic of the paragraph

b.                  Location

                                                                        i.                     Usually the first sentence

                                                                        ii.     Sometimes the middle or end


2.            Details - body

a.                   Kinds

                                                                        i.                     Examples

                                                                        ii.                   Stories

                                                                        iii.                  Data and statistics

                                                                        iv.                 Quotes

        b.      Location – similar details are grouped together

   3.      Conclusions – types

a.      Conclusion–what you can learn from this paragraph

b.            Summary – restates the idea in the topic sentence

c.      Other types

i.            New question or topic introduced

ii.            Transition to next paragraph

                                                            iii.            Challenge to the reader

III.            Conclusion - Challenge to reader to write a paragraph