ESL 102                                                                      Bryon Brunkow

Fall 2005                                                                      Room 253, Metro Center  (You must put                       Phone: 301-386-7557

NM231 in the Subject line)                                         Office Hours:  Wed, 11:00-12:00

Wed, 7-8:00pm Thursday, 5-6:00

Student Information Sheet



TextbookóFocus on Grammar:  A High-Intermediate Course for Reference and Practice, Fuchs and Bonner, Addison Wesley Longman, Inc., 2000.


Required Materials - You need a good English dictionary.  You also must have standard size, college-rule, white paper for your in-class papers.  You need to have a dark pencil and a big eraser for your papers, too.  You donít have to buy a writing handbook, but it is a good idea to have one.


Grades - We will have seven quizzes, five in-class papers, and two large exams. 


            Exams (2x20%)                                   40%

            Writings (4x10%)                                40%

            Quizzes (5x3%)                         15%

            Lab & Homework                                 5%


            Total                                                    100%



                                    A = 90 - 100%

                                    B = 80 - 89%

                                    C = 70 - 79%

                                    D = 60 - 69%

                                    F = < 60%


You must get a C or better to take ESL 201


            Tests and Quizzes - It is very important that you come to class for these.  If you know that you will be gone, tell me in class and I will let you take the test or quiz early.  If there is some emergency and you canít take the test or quiz, I will need a written note, with telephone number, from the doctor, policeman, immigration officer, etc.  No note means no test or quiz and a zero score.


            In-class writings - I will give you information about the kinds of things I will want on the writing, but I will not tell you the topic until the day of the writing.  I will tell you the kinds of grammar points that you must use, and the general theme of the paper, but you will not know what to write until that day.  Therefore, you should practice writing papers about new topics in a short time at home.



            Lab & Homework - If you come to lab and do the homework, you should get all of the points.  If you come to lab, but donít do the work, I will take off points.


            Attendance - I count attendance at the beginning of class.  If you are late, I will count you as absent.  I do not count students as being late.  If you arrive late on the day of a quiz, in-class paper, or exam, you will have until the end of the class to finish your assignment, unless you bring a note from a policeman, doctor, judge, etc.


Cheating - YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN WORK  Donít copy other studentsí work on quizzes, tests, homework, or papers.  Donít talk during tests.  Donít look at other studentsí tests or papers.  The first time I catch you cheating, I will give you a zero on that assignment.  The second time I catch you cheating, I will give you a zero on all the work from the first time I caught you to the second time.  That usually means that you will get a D or F in the course.  If I catch you three times, you will get an F, even if all of your other grades are very good.  I understand that sometimes you arenít ready for a quiz, but donít cheat.  It is better to try your best and get a poor grade, than to cheat and get a zero.  Do your own work.  It is safer and better for you.


Classroom Behavior - This is very simple.  People pay a lot of money to go to this school.  If you bother other students so that they canít learn or they feel afraid, you will be barred from class.  You can even be suspended from school.  In any case, you will get a zero on all the work you miss because of your bad behavior.  Be polite, donít talk too loudly or too much, donít come to class late, and remember that we have people from many cultures in our class.  What might be OK in your culture might be very rude in another studentís culture.


Office Hours - You should visit my office 2 -3 times during the course to check on your grades and to review any problems you have with the assignments.  If you have any problems, you should see me as soon as you can.  I canít always help you, but I will try.  It is very important that you donít wait if you have a problem.  If you wait too long, a little problem can become a very big one.  Donít be afraid to talk to me many times if you donít understand something.  I know how hard it is to learn a new language, so donít think your questions are too simple or silly to ask me.  If you canít meet me during my regular office hours, I will try to arrange a different time or have another teacher help you when I am not at school.


Study Habits - You should study 1-2 hours every day.  Schedule a regular time when you can study.  Find a quiet place where you wonít be bothered.  Donít leave your studies until the night before a quiz or test.  You will need to make a good schedule if you want to fit all of your school, job, family, and fun into one week.