Student Comments about Online Anthropology 103*

Instructor: Dr. A. Habermacher 

* The comments were made about various sections taught since August 1999. 

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"What an interesting semester... I have been totally surprised 
by the amount of knowledge that I did not know.  My little 
egocentric bubble of a brain has opened up to new cultures 
in this class and I was able to delve into different cultures 
and compare and contrast my own with those in the text. 
I feel I have opened a door in my mind to the differences 
between cultures and can truly say, 'WOW that is very 
interesting'' instead of "WOW that is so weird.'"
Tim E.

"All of my classes this semester were online and 
half of them were completely self-paced. But I 
enjoyed the pace of this class better. I liked 
having set deadlines, constant homework due, 
that sort of thing. It helped me in studying and 
being able to understand the material better."
Jack B.

"I was very impressed with this course. This is the best 
organized online course that I have taken. Also, I have 
never had any trouble contacting [the instructor] or 
receiving feedback. If I had trouble [the instructor] 
always responded and helped me to figure out what 
I was doing wrong. It was a very pleasant experience 
that has left me feeling more confident about taking 
more online courses.
Louise S

"It can be difficult taking an Internet class because 
the professor isn't teaching in a classroom setting. 
Therefore, you have to read the material as though
it were the instructor teaching it to you."
"The course content was incredibly well organized. ... 
The instructor gave start and complete dates that 
were consistent throughout the course. I feel that's 
important especially when you have a busy life at 
home and are unable to get online everyday."
Elizabeth B.

"This course has been a real learning experience for 
me. I have learned that an online class is a lot more 
trying than the regular face to face class. The 
discipline an online student must demonstrate is 
amazing. There is no one there with their hand out 
demanding an assignment be handed in. You have 
only yourself to make you do it."
Lori T.

"This course allowed me to learn about cultures 
I had never heard of before, express my opinions 
about certain subjects and explore a new area of 
education. It also required a lot of time management. 
Perhaps the most important ability I needed develop 
was how to be objective about certain topics. Many
of the articles we read were about very touchy 
subjects. Many times I found it difficult to be 
objective and to accept certain postings and 
opinions by students that I had never even 
met before."
Kleo G.

"Because I would not be in a class room, I thought 
this method, online study, would not be effective. 
However, I feel I have gained knowledge to a large 
extent by reading chapters and correlating them 
to pertinent articles which has improved my 
understanding of diverse cultures."
Anita B.

"Cultural Anthropology Online has been one of the best 
courses that I have ever taken.  I learned a lot about other 
cultures and improved my writing and critical thinking skills."
Kathy L.

"I learned things that challenged some of my deepest and 
most hardened opinions about human behavior." 
Iman G.

"During this course I increased my abilities to understand 
the viewpoints of others. This is an important skill in 
nursing,  my chosen occupation"
Tonya T.

"In addition to learning about anthropology, I have a feeling 
that my classmates and I learned skills that will aid us 
well beyond this anthropology class, such as writing 
and critical thinking skills, reading for
 comprehension and researching."
     Vern V.


"in this course I realized that sometimes you have to deal 
with things that make you uncomfortable. It is required 
for the learning process. This class has truly blossomed 
into more than just a required course. It has opened my 
mind to new thoughts and to be more objective."
Edwinta G.


"I learned so much information about life and cultures
I never knew existed. Some stuff I learned on 
other cultures was extremely shocking. When I 
tell people who have never taken this subject
 before about some of the things I have
 learned they are surprised and become
 interested in the subject as well."
Tammy R.

"As I look back, I realize we turned in a different paper 
almost every week with a minimum of 500 words. 
I consider that my greatest accomplishment all 
semester. My other classes this semester have all 
taught me something, but online anthropology 
was the most demanding by far."
Shaye M.

"This class has opened me up. Normally when I am in a 
regular class, I rarely participate in the class discussions. 
But somehow I didn't mind participating in these [online]
 discussions, maybe because I knew we were being
 graded on them. Moreover, the course helped me
 prepare for my L-SAT exam,  because the L-SAT
requires a lot of reading for comprehension."
Tracey F.

"I discovered some of my own prejudices during 
the course, like those I have long held against the 
use of BEV [Black English Vernacular] and my 
view of those who speak it as ignorant......"
Angela J.

"This course fulfilled my cultural diversity requirement. 
When I enrolled I thought it would be an easy
 course I was quite wrong. The syllabus hit the
 nail on the head when it described the
 course as "demanding and rigorous"
 & "students must be self-motivated
 and self-disciplined."
Natalie K

"This course is challenging, If you are not disciplined you will
become disciplined in order to keep up with the assignments."
Angela B.

Revised 2006