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only a few of the following course learning units are available when you click on them. They are intended to give you a feel for what will be covered in the course. Just click on the link in each box below to find them. All of the units will be available within the Blackboard online class room  when the course begins.

Unit 01
& Introduction
Module 08
Origins of the
Hominid Primates
Unit 02
History of 
Evolutionary Theory
Unit 09
The Homo erectus State
of Hominid Evolution
Unit 03
Biological Life: 
Cells, DNA, Proteins
Unit 10
The 'Archaic' Homo sapiens
Stage of Hominid Evolution
Unit 04
Mendel, Heredity 
and Evolution
Unit 11
The 'Modern' Homo sapiens
Stage of Hominid Evolution
Unit 05
Overview of the 
Living Primates
Unit 12
Microevolution in 
Homo sapiens sapiens


Unit 06

Unit 13
Adaptation and Variation
in Homo sapiens sapiens


Unit 07
Evolutionary History:
Mammals / Primates
Unit 14
Anthropological Perspectives
 of the Human Life Course
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