Unit 07 Checklist 
"Evolutionary History: 
Mammals and Primates"

Online Ant 101
Physical Anthropology
Dr. A. Habermacher

A. Text Reading Assignment:
  1. Read: "Mammalian/Primate Evolutionary History" Chapter 07. Jurmain, Nelson, Kilgore & Trevathan. Essentials of Physical Anthropology. 4th Edition.
B. Written Internet Assignment:
  1. None this week. However, there is an internet assignment pertinent to both  units 07 & 08 which will be due during unit 08. It will be available in Unit 08.
C. Online Quiz Assignment:
  1. There is a required online quiz based on JNKT chapter 07.
  2. Take this quiz when it appears in the Bb QUIZZES area.  You MUST take the quiz during the availability dates indicated. There are NO MAKE-UPS given for missed quizzes.
D. Comprehensive Exam (optional):
  1. Consult the Bb for the days you may take the comprehensive exam in the Student Assessment Services Center (aka Testing Center) at the Largo Campus of PGCC.. This is a proctored on-campus exam of about 100 multiple choice questions from chapters 1 - 14 in "Essentials of Physical Anthropology."  Bring a #2 pencil  and nothing else with you to the exam.  Think of it as a preview of what the final comprehensive exam will be during finals week. You are not required to take it you do not wish to. But you are required to take the final. The grade will be recorded in your online grade book. Relax there is no way to study for it (unless you read all 14 chapters). Just take it to see how much you already know.
E. Analytical Essay Assignment:
  1. Analytical Essay option #02 is due soon.
  2. The list of analytical essay options is found in the Bb COURSE DOCUMENTS area.
  3. The schedule of due dates for analytical essays is found in the Bb CALENDAR.

Andrew Habermacher
August 20, 2003