Unit 04 Checklist
"Mendel, Heredity and Evolution"

Online Ant 101
Physical Anthropology

A. Text Reading Assignment:
  1. Read "Heredity and Evolution" Chapter 04. Jurmain, Nelson, Kilgore & Trevathan. (JNKT) Essentials of Physical Anthropology. 4th Edition.
B. Written Internet Assignment:
  1. There IS a graded written internet assignment for this Unit.
  2. Find the directions for it in Learning Unit 04. 
  3. Submit it in Learning Unit 04 as either an MSWord (.doc) file or a rich text (.rtf) file
C. Online Quiz Assignment:
  1. Take the required quiz on chapter 04, "Essentials of Phys. Anthro."
  2. The quiz is based on the chapter in Essentials of Physical Anthropology indicated above in the Text Reading Assignment. Take the current quiz in the Bb QU IZZES  menu button area where it will appear when it is available.  You MUST take the quiz during the availability dates indicated in the announcement. There are NO MAKE-UPS given for missed quizzes.
D. Discussion Board Assignment:
  1. Participate in Discussion  Board Conference 03. See course Calendar for due date.
E. Analytical Essay Assignment:
  1. Analytical Essay Option #01 is due if you choose to write it.
  2. The list of analytical essay options is found in the Bb COURSE DOCMENTS area.
  3. The schedule of due dates for analytical essays is found in the Bb Calendar.

August 20, 2003