Unit 02 Checklist: 
"The History of 
Evolutionary Theory"

Online Ant 101
Physical Anthropology
Dr. A. Habermacher

A. Text Reading Assignment: 
  1. Chapter 2 "The Development of Evolutionary Theory." IN Jurmain, Nelson, Kilgore & Trevathan. Essentials of Physical Anthropology. 4th Edition
  2. D. K. Futuyama. "The Growth of Evolutionary Science." Article #1
    IN E. Angeloni [editor]. Annual Editions Physical Anthropology 03/04. McGraw-Hill/Dushkin. 
  3. Ernst Mayr. "Darwin's Influence on Modern Thought." Article #3
    IN E. Angeloni [editor]. Annual Editions Physical Anthropology 03/04. McGraw-Hill/Dushkin.
  4. John Rennie. "15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense." Article #4
    IN E. Angeloni [editor]. Annual Editions Physical Anthropology 03/04. McGraw-Hill/Dushkin. 
B. Internet Assignment:
  1. There is NO INTERNET ASSIGNMENT for this unit. 
C. Online Quiz Assignment:
  1. There IS a QUIZ on chapter #2 "History of Evol. Theory," Essentials of Phys. Anthro.
  2. The quiz is based on the chapter in Essentials of Physical Anthropology indicated above in "A. Text Reading Assignment." Take the current quiz in the Bb ANNOUNCEMENTS area where it will appear when it is available.  You MUST take the quiz during the availability dates indicated in the announcement. There are NO MAKE-UPS given for missed quizzes.
D. Discussion Board Assignment:
  1. There is a required  DISCUSSION BOARD ASSIGNMENT for this unit.   
    Go to the Bb DISCUSSION Board area and participate in Discussion Board Conference 02 which is based on the Text Reading Assignments from Unit Checklists 01 and 02. The first posting in Conference 02 contains the directions. 
  2. DB assignments are posted in the Bb DISCUSSION BOARD area. Discussions are graded and last for ten days unless otherwise indicated. 
  3. Primary postings made during the final 48 of the discussion earn no credit since others would not have enough time to make a considered reply to them.  
  4. Secondary postings: Replies (responses) to the primary postings of others are also graded and are accepted until midnight of the day the DB closes. 
  5. Once a conference  closes, you may not post to it for credit, but you may continue to make additional postings to a closed DB if you wish to continue a discussion there.
E. Analytical Essay Assignment:
  1. There is NO ANALYTICAL ESSAY due during this unit.
  2. The list of analytical essay options is found in the Bb COURSE DOCUMENTS area.
  3. The schedule of due dates for analytical essays is found in the Bb CALENDAR.

revised August 19, 2003