Unit 01Checklist:
"Bb Orientation and Introduction
to Physical Anthropology"

Online Ant 101
Physical Anthropology
Dr. A. Habermacher

A. Text Reading Assignment:
  1. Chapter 01 "Introduction" IN Jurmain, Nelson, Kilgore & Trevathan. Essentials of Physical Anthropology. 4th Edition.
  2. Patrick Huyghe "Profile of an Anthropologist: No Bone Unturned." Article 39 In E. Angeloni [editor]. Annual Editions Physical Anthropology 03/04. McGraw-Hill/Dushkin.
B. External Links Reading Assignment:
  1. Reading: Go to the Blackboard (Bb) EXTERNAL LINKS area to find the hotlinks to the web sites for the Society of American Archeology and the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. Browse both sites to discover what kind work opportunities exist for archeologists and physical anthropologists. What can you do with a degree in archeology or physical anthropology?
C. Online Quiz Assignment:
  1. There is a required quiz on Chapter 01 in "Essentials of Physical Anthropology."
  2. The quiz is based on the chapter in Essentials of Physical Anthropology indicated above in section "A. Text Reading Assignment." Take the current quiz in the Bb ANNOUNCEMENTS area where it will appear when it is available.  You MUST take the quiz during the availability dates indicated in the announcement. There are NO MAKE-UPS given for missed quizzes.
D. Discussion Board Conference Assignment:
  1. General Rules for participation in all the discussion board conferences during this semester are found in the Bb COURSE DOCUMENTS menu button area. Please read them carefully.
  2. Learning unit 01 discussion board conference  is required and has four parts (a, b, c, d).  Logon to Blackboard and click the DISCUSSION BOARD button on the left, then find the "Old Bones Cafe" and click on it. 
    [a] Post a message (new thread) introducing yourself to everyone else in the class/ Tell us something about yourself - something more than just your name, please. 
    [b] Read others' introductions. Using the reply button (at bottom of the message you wish to respond to) respond to the introductions of at least two other students. 
    [c] Post a message (new thread) about something you discovered while doing the External Links Reading Assignment (item B above).
    [d] Using the reply button (at bottom of the message you wish to respond to) respond to the comments of others about the two web sites. 
    Important note: To finish posting  a new thread or replying to an existing one, you must always scroll down and click the SUBMIT button or your message will not appear in the Conference.
  3. DB assignments  are posted in the Bb DISCUSSION BOARD area. Discussions are graded and last for ten days unless otherwise indicated. Primary postings made during the final two days of the discussion earn no credit since others would not have enough time to make a considered reply to them.  Replies (responses) to the primary postings of others are also graded and are accepted until midnight of the day the DB closes. Once a DB closes, you may not post to it for credit, but you may continue to make additional postings to a closed DB if you wish to continue a discussion there.
E. Entrance Essay:
  1. The entrance essay is required.
  2. The directions for the entrance essay are found in the Learning Units menu button area under Learning Unit 01.
  3. The essay must be submitted as an MSWord (.doc) file or a richtext (.rtf) file.
  4. Submit your entrance essay to the Learning Unit 01 area as described there.

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