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Online Ant 101
Intro. to Physical Anthropology

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Welcome Online Ant 101,
Online Ant 101 is an introductory survey of physical anthropology covering a variety of topics related to human variation, hominid evolution, primatology and archaeology. Click Weekly Assignments Topics (above) to view course topics. 

The  Orientation Letter (above) contains important information about the Blackboard online class room and how to gain access to it once you have registered.

The Syllabus (above) has information about course policies, required books, types of assignments and grading.

This online course is not easier than a class room lecture course. To succeed in the online environment, you will need to be a proficient reader with good writing skills. In addition, you will need to be self-disciplined, possess good time management skills, and have the necessary computer knowledge and equipment to successfully complete course work. The amount of study time you will need to devote to this course each week will depend on your knowledge and skill level when you enter the course. However, you can expect to spend a minimum of 12 hours per week studying for this course. 

If you have questions about online Ant 101,  email ahabermacher@pgcc.edu or call 301 322-0548.

Andrew Habermacher, Ph.D.
Course Instructor


 Last revision: August 23, 2005