This web site is designed for students taking courses at Prince George's Community College or via Maryland Sharing Courses (M
OL - Maryland Online). 

Ant 101 Physical Anthropology, Ant 103 Cultural Anthropology, Ant 103H Honors Cultural Anthropology, Ant 201 Archaeology and Ant 213 Magic, Witchcraft & Religion are available as online courses. 


Ant 101 and Ant 103 are also offered as campus/web courses. Like online courses they are conducted mostly online; unlike online courses they have once weekly on-campus class meetings. Campus/web courses are ideal if you like an online class, but also like some face-to-face interaction.

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     Andrew Habermacher, Ph.D.
301 322-0548

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Dr. Habermacher's Ant 103 Cultural Anthropology has been recognized as meeting standards of good practice for online courses. Browse to QM to read about this faculty peer review process for quality in online courses.