Online Ant 213 Anthropology of Magic, Witchcraft & Religion














The fifteen topics to be covered during the semester are indicated in the table below. 

A few weeks prior to the opening date of the course, some of the modules below will become hotlinks and you will be able to preview them.

Module 01
Orientation &
Entrance Essay
Module 02
What constitutes religion?
Western & nonwestern ideas.
Module 03
Is ritualized emotion the basis of religion?
Module 04
Is maintenance of social order the source of religion?
Module 05
Gender and religion...and Boudieu (Mon Dieu!)   
Module 06
Magic, Power & Healing
Module 07
Whence misfortune? Gods, demons, witches, ancestors...
Module 08
Prohibitions, taboos & boundaries.
Module 09
Worship, symbols & the supernatural
Module 10
Religion crossing cultural boundaries 

Module 11
Language, power & the supernatural

Module 12
 How is religion passed on?

Module 13
Pilgrimages &
Sacred Places.


Module 14
Prophets, visionaries and saints: Sources of assistance & change.

Module 15
Positioning religion(s) in nation states.


Revised 12/12/2002
 A. Habermacher