My Philosophy of Education
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I am a proponent of progressivism.  Seeing that our society evolves, so to should education evolve meeting the needs of  learners.  As a progressivist, I believe education should prepare students to live in a democracy.  In my mind, the essence of education is made up of liberty, equality, choice, opportunity, and justice.

The ideas of Dewey, Piaget, and Vygotsky influence my instruction tremendously.   

Dewey's ideas on active learning and employing the scientific method holds a  stake in my instructional practices.  

Vygotsky's Sociocultural pedagogy, and Piaget's stages of cognitive development also influence the ways in which I deliver instruction and assess my students. 

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Learning is personal and one's education should be a personal and rewarding experience. Moreover, learning is not only personal but it is contextual, active, and meaningful.  Thus, I am a proponent of learner-centered classrooms and learner-centered assessments.


I am not only concerned with educational quality but the equality of educational results.  I believe all schools should adopt Rawls' "difference principle" (1971). .computerlab.jpg (312336 bytes)

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-Always distribute so as to most improve the situation of the least advantaged-

Rawls, 1971


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With this in mind, I believe educational resources should be allocated on a need-based continuum in order to optimize thresholds and close achievement gaps.