Anitra Bulter's Course Syllabus:

EDU 215: Teaching Reading in the Content Areas: Part II

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EDU 215:   Teaching Reading in the Content Areas: Part II
Prerequisite: In-service Teacher or Departmental Approval

This course expands upon Part I, focusing on types of reading, skills in reading, and instruction. The emphasis is on teaching secondary students to learn from text. Participants will formulate research questions, complete a literature review, and implement and evaluate a coherent literacy plan. Participants will also implement reading and writing strategies that promote understanding of subject area content.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:
  1. Describe a coherent literacy program that supports content area learning.
  2. Apply a variety of strategies to promote student independence in content area reading.
  3. Identify a variety of texts and approaches, including technology, to assist students who are having difficulty reading.
  4. Identify methods in the content areas to address the diverse backgrounds of students, including culture, language, (dialect and ESOL), disabilities, and giftedness.
  5. Plan lessons in the content areas focused on text-based concept development.
  6. Identify appropriate learning experiences for students with various reading abilities and learning styles.
  7. Apply formal and informal writing strategies to facilitate students learning in the content areas.
  8. Explain coherent classroom approaches for assessing content area literacy.