English 241 

Instructor: Abby Bardi

Office: M 3061

Phone: (301) 322-0602



Course Description: This course is an overview of the mythology, legends, and folklore that underlie much of the literature of Western civilization.  Focusing primarily on the Greeks, it will also examine world mythology, Arthurian legend, folktales, and some of the uses of mythology in our own time.  Prerequisite: EGL 102 or EGL 110 or EGL 132 or EGL 134.


Course Learning Outcomes: Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

1.         Explain belief systems (creation stories, war epics, hero stories, etc.) and social constructs of the various cultures within the Western world and among selected cultures of the non-Western world.

2.         Explain the major mythological and folkloristic genres and motifs of different peoples and the major theories of interpreting myth (epic, hymns, folk-tale).

3.         Write analytically with adequate documentation about a topic relevant to mythology.

4.         Explain the interdisciplinary approach to mythology by using such scholarly theories as structuralism, aetiological theory, etc.


Required Texts:

Harris, Stephen L., and Gloria Platzner.  Classical Mythology 4th edition.

Homer, The Odyssey.  Rouse, trans.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Raffel, ed.


Course Policies:


·        Midterm exam

·        Final exam

·        Research paper

·        Ten two-page Reflections

·        Two quizzes (quizzes can not be made up under any circumstances)

·        Reading

·        Attendance

Since we will be having a great deal of class discussion, it is essential that you keep up with the reading. 


Attendance:  Since class discussion depends on you, attendance and participation are very important and are worth 10% of your grade.  If you must miss class, please phone me to clear the absence in advance.  Absences that have not been cleared in advance will be marked unexcused unless appropriate paperwork (doctor’s note, etc.) has been submitted.  Two points will be deducted for every unexcused absence; one point will be deducted for every instance of lateness of more than fifteen minutes.  Any student who misses more than 25% of classes for any reason whatsoever must withdraw or receive an F.  If you must stop attending classes, please formally withdraw from the class.  Please do not leave the classroom while class is in session unless there is an emergency.  Any plagiarism, intentional or not, will result in a zero on the assignment and notification of the Vice President for Student Services.


Grading:  Your grade is based on points, with a scale of 1-100, and will be based on the following: 

¨      Midterm exam (20 points/percent)

¨      Final exam (30 points/percent)

¨      Research paper (20 points/percent)

¨      Ten reading-reflections. (Length: 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 pp. typed (12-pitch font).  Shorter entries will not receive points) (1       point each).

¨      Two quizzes (five points each)

¨      Attendance and participation (a possible 10 points.  Two points deducted for each unexcused          absence, one point for lateness of more than fifteen minutes.)

Final grades: 60+=D, 70+=C, 80+=B, 90+=A


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