Women's Summit 2012
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Largo Student Center
Registration at Rennie Forum
8:30 am

Tentative Agenda

To equip and empower women students for success.

What’s a Summit? 
A meeting or conference to discuss and exchange ideas on issues
of common interest to those attending.

Why Attend?
  • Meet and interact with other students
  • Hear the inspirational stories of some faculty, staff, administrators
  • Learn about Women of Wisdom (WOW)
  • Get the men's perspective
  • Dialogue with motivational presenters on topics from money, health, relationships, and much more
Learning Outcomes:
  • Reason abstractly and think critically
  • Compare and contrast the core values and traditions of various cultures within the global environment
  • Comprehend the nature and value of the fine, literary, and performing arts
  • Relate fine, literary, and performing arts to human experience
  • Recognize the need for information
  • Locate, evaluate, and effectively synthesize needed information
  • Evaluate ethical principles
  • Apply ethical principles in professional and personal decision-making

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